Shock as 21,780 Kaduna Teachers Fail Primary Four Exams

Kaduna State Governor, Malam Nasir El-Rufai

About 21,780 out of 33,000 teachers have failed the primary four examination administered to test their competence by the Kaduna State government.

Owing to the mass failure, the state is now shopping for 25,000 new teachers as one of the plans to restore quality to education.

Governor Nasir el-Rufai of Kaduna State unveiled the planned recruitment when he received a World Bank delegation in Kaduna on Monday, reported the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN).

“We tested our 33,000 primary school teachers, we gave them primary four examinations and required they must get at least 75 per cent but I am sad to announce that 66 per cent of them failed to get the requirements.

“The hiring of teachers in the past was politicised and we intend to change that by bringing in young and qualified primary school teachers to restore the dignity of education in the state,” the governor said.

He stressed that teachers would be redeployed across the state to balance the teacher-pupil ratio.
“We have a challenge with the teacher-pupil ratio in the urban schools; there is a concentration of teachers that are not needed.

“In some local government areas, it’s a teacher-pupil ratio of 1-9 while in some places it’s 1-100,” he said.
The governor said in a bid to improve the education sector, the school directors decided to enrol their children in public schools starting from this academic session.

The World Bank representative, Dr. Kunle Adekola, expressed appreciation to the state for investing in education and for the priority given to the girl child.

“This state has demonstrated and supported us to achieve our goals,” he said.
Adekola said the World Bank would invest N30 million in Rigasa Primary School, which has a population of about 22,000 pupils, as part of its support for the state.

The Education Intervention Fund by the World Bank and other collaborative development partners is providing support to about 13 Northern states and a state each from the other four geopolitical zones in the country.

  • Minbeyk Daniel Deh

    The whole process was a complete sham! Those of you who are praising this disgraceful act are doing so without proper insight. I know qualified, very intelligent an competent individuals whom he claims failed his exams, I know some failed but most actually didn’t fail, yet their names aren’t on the the list, and trust me, they couldn’t have failed this exams. A list was just cooked and bam! There are more teachers failing than passing. Again, those who are said to have passed were not told of their scores, those whom he claimed to have failed should be given the opportunity to see their scores too. We are tired of being played with. He sent children of his political friends to Uganda and most of them were sent packing because they couldn’t meet up with the challenge of a higher institution, the process in which the students were chosen is only known to him, cos there was never an advertisement, he just announced that students would be sent abroad by the state. If you are still too naive to understand that he just want to do away with so many good teachers alongside some bad incompetent ones for the sake of cheap political points then I am sorry for you. Just tell me the sense in relieving seasoned teachers from their duties to be replaced by new employees if not to score cheap political points, by doing so he is getting the gullible people to think he has created job opportunity, whereas the opposite is true.

  • abodes_124

    El Rufai. Kudos here. This is the way to improve educational attainment in the north no giving them low cut off marks to enter secondary schools and universities. I would not begrudge a disproportionate amount of the Nigerian budget being diverted to measures to boost primary then secondary educational attendance in the North and any other education all disadvantaged area in Nigeria. Ignorance is equal to and often is the precursor to terrorism and must be fought as fiercely.

  • ychukwuka

    Even with this information, every Northerner sees ruler-ship in Nigeria as his birthright! Kwankwanso, Atiku, Nasir, Buhari,Lamido… are all gearing to become Presidents of those that score more JAMB points than them in 2019. Where are the Southerners?

    • abodes_124

      In fairness. properly educated people from the North like El Rufai and Sanusi are amongst the best and brightest. but there are too few of them.

      • Henry

        When you say the best and the brightest I simply do not not understand what you mean. Sanusi had the privilege of heading fist bank and later CBN was he the best to occupy those positions among bankers and Economists in Nigeria. El Rufai had the privilege of working in BPE and later FCT minister where he amassed wealth that has given him a voice in Nigeria, What makes him one of the best and the brightest.What has he contributed intellectually to knowledge and innovation that has made him the brightest and the best. Amina Ahmed has just been appointed deputy CBN governor from Diamond bank to take Sarah Alade’s position who has being the brain behind policy direction in the CBN. The Amina lady was given double promotion to Executive director a day before her appointment as deputy CBN gorvernor. Tomorrow the likes of you will say Amina Ahmed is one of the best and brightest. Until nepotism and cronyism is removed from Nigeria, the country will remain a failed state. Kudos to El Rufai for taking this bold and progressive step to improve education in Kaduna state.

  • Tony Ezeifedi

    All of you are forgetting one thing. Dr Azikiwe and Chief Awolowo sent their people to school to acquire education. Alhaji Ahmadu Bello sent his people to join the army because they wanted to retain power through the military. It worked for them but what is the consequence? It is that, according to Emir Sanusi, Northern Nigeria, with all the power they have enjoyed, is among the poorest regions in Africa. There are 13 million school age children that are out of school in Nigeria, 12 million are from the North. What you have in the North are unprecedented level of illiteracy, massive malnutrition, massive drug addiction problem, massive unemployment, thousands of girls given away in early marriages when they are supposed to be in school, huge population of beggars and street urchins, etc. Northerners are so obsessed by holding on to power that other human development indices mean nothing to them.

    • abodes_124

      So true . but they have the numbers to continue to rue and Lord it over us. Those 12 million out of school children can easily be marshalled to vote for Buhari in 2019 be he alive or dead. After the election they will continue with their life on the streets with their begging bowls. It suits the Northern Hierachy. Educate them and they might start exercising judgement and voting for other candidates.

  • henry price

    comrades I believe same qualifying test should be given to teachers wherever they exist in Nigeria plus that test should meet world class ability requirement for teachers. Regarding teachers having failed test in this matter was information provided to them of what areas they need upgrade, is there system designed to have them immediately make such upgrade plus after completing upgrading procedure are they allowed to immediately retake test? If not present system need be modified to where it is designed to show due care by providing efficient upgrading method to teachers not fulfilling knowledge requirements. Caring teachers perform much better thus, if we expect teacher to show students due care we need show teachers due care. Very much sincere, Henry price Jr. aka Obediah Buntu Il-Khan aka Kankan aka Gue.

  • forestgee

    Obviously, these failed teachers are using Hausa Language to teach the future GMD of NNPC English Language…meaning insubordination will happen again!

  • AyoJon

    First you don’t redeploy teachers. Primary education is the job of the local government.
    First you strengthen the LG n not do their functions as to make them redundant, then you complain.
    The question is, why are those LGs and ethnic groups not having kids go to school?
    Who has been eating the money allocated for education in the state n LG?
    Why are you having caretaker administration there?

  • Daniel Obior

    Shock? What shock? It is not at all shocking. This is what happens to a people who invest all their energy to be in power because they believe they are born to rule. Education means nothing to them, so long as they can use their ill-gotten power to manipulate the system and entrench their uneducated fools in the public sector and the entire walks of life. Their ultimate aim is to reduce the entire country to their level, hence their obsession with the so called unity of the country which leaves no room for restructuring. We ain’t seen nothing yet!

    • August January

      You missed the point! Unfortunately I tend to believe that that’s the situation in all states in Nigeria! Didn’t you hear about a teacher who couldn’t write her name in Edo about two or three years ago? Was it not partly because of this kind of shameful performance that Fayemi became the enemy of teachers in Ekiti – Fountain of Knowledge? Or, again, what do you think made JAMB to set cut off mark for universities at 120? I cry for my fatherland!!!

      • Daniel Obior

        No, I did not miss the point. Education has deteriorated in the entire country. But when education had its best days, the attitude of the north was still the same indifference and lukewarm, at best. There was no priority given to education. You appear to miss my point.

  • Genusa

    UNA NEVER SEE SOMETHING. How will the teachers pass the primary 4 exams when someone in the south need to score more than 200 to get admitted in school while his counterpart in the north just need to score only 20 to be equally admitted. ONLY IN NIGERIA. Is Kaduna state not even ashamed to test teachers with primary 4 exams. One wonders what exactly they teach the students. If you like test the teachers with nursery school exams, they will still fail because in the computer world we call it GARBAGE IN GARBAGE OUT.

    • Netanyahu

      Which 20? All you need if you are a northerner to gain admission into the “Unity” schools is 2, just 2 out of 300. It is a disaster. My worry with their supporters and “hailers” from the south waste is that they are out to reduce all of us to their level of stark illiteracy. Most unfortunate.

    • ansel nwoke

      They should have kept it a secret. It is graceful to test teachers with primary 4 exams!

    • forestgee

      That same State sent some students to Medical School in Uganda to study; those students failed so badly after year one and were immediately expelled.

      • Tito Kane.#Proud to be a NEGER


  • Omooba