Alison-Madueke Asks Court to Compel AGF to Extradite Her to Nigeria

Diezani Alison-Madueke
Former Minister of Petroleum Resources, Mrs. Diezani Alison-Madueke

Davidson Iriekpen

A former Minister of Petroleum Resources, Mrs. Diezani Alison-Madueke, has urged the Federal High Court in Lagos to compel the Attorney General of the Federation (AGF) to bring her back to Nigeria from the United Kingdom, where she travelled to shortly after leaving office in 2015.

She said she would like to appear in court in Nigeria to defend a criminal charge bordering on the alleged laundering of N450 million, where her name was mentioned.
The main defendants in the charge are a senior lawyer, Mr. Dele Belgore (SAN), and a former Minister of National Planning, Prof. Abubakar Suleiman.

Belgore and Suleiman were charged before Justice Rilwan Aikawa for allegedly collecting N450 million from Alison-Madueke and laundering same in the build-up to the 2015 general election.
The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), which filed the charges against the duo, claimed that the N450 million was part of the sum of $115million which Alison-Madueke allegedly doled out to compromise the 2015 elections.
Belgore and Suleiman were arraigned on a five-count charge, wherein Alison-Madueke’s name was mentioned but she was declared as being at large.

At the resumed hearing of the case Tuesday, one Obinna Onya, a lawyer from Abuja, appeared before Justice Aikawa with an application seeking to join Alison-Madueke as one of the defendants in the charge.

The application, filed pursuant to Section 36(1)(5)(6)(a)-(e) of the Constitution and Sections 216(1)(2)(3)(4) and 217 of the Administration of Criminal Justice Act (ACJA), is seeking an amendment to the charges against Belgore and Suleiman, so as to join Alison-Madueke as one of the defendants.

The lawyer contended that contrary to the declaration by the EFCC that Alison-Madueke was at large, the former minister was in the UK and was willing to return to Nigeria so that she could appear in court to take her plea and defend the charges.

The lawyer argued that since her name was mentioned in the charge, it would be against her right to fair hearing for the case to proceed without affording her the opportunity to defend herself.
“The statement made by the prosecution means that the applicant (Alison-Madueke) is going to be convicted without being given the opportunity to defend herself,” Onya told Justice Aikawa.

The application prayed for an order “mandating the Attorney General of the Federation, being the agent of the complainant, to facilitate the prompt appearance of the applicant in court on the next adjourned date, to take her plea and to defend the allegations made against her in counts 1, 2, 3 and 4 of the charge, numbered FHC/L/35c/2017”.
Onya urged Justice Aikawa to hear and determine the application before proceeding with the case.
But the EFCC counsel, Rotimi Oyedepo, opposed him, saying the application was not ripe for hearing as he was yet to be served.

However, Onya told the court that he had attempted to serve Oyedepo Tuesday morning in the court premises but that the prosecutor declined, adding that his effort to serve the application at the EFCC office last Friday was also frustrated.

But Oyedepo advised him to go and serve the application at the registry of the EFCC, assuring him that the application would be accepted.
Responding, Justice Aikawa said the court could not entertain the application until all the parties had been properly served.
Meanwhile, the trial proceeded with the second witness for the EFCC, Usman Zakari, continuing his testimony.

Through the witness, Oyedepo tendered two letters written to the EFCC in relation to Standard Charted Bank Nigeria Limited and Guaranty Trust Bank Plc.
The court admitted the two letters as exhibits in evidence against the defendants.
However, Oyedepo’s attempt to tender an electronic mail communication between Alison-Madueke and the Managing Director of Fidelity Bank Plc was resisted by the defence counsel, Mr. Ebun Shofunde (SAN) and Olatunji Ayanlaja (SAN).
They contended that the document was not admissible, as according to them, it did not meet the requirement of the Evidence Act.

Oyedepo sought an adjournment to counter the objection by the defence.
Justice Aikawa adjourned till Wednesday for the continuation of trial.
In the charges, Sulaiman, a Professor of Political Science and International Relations at the University of Abuja, and Belgore, a former governorship aspirant in Kwara State, were accused of conspiring between themselves to commit the offence on March 27, 2015.

The duo was accused of making a cash transaction of N450 million on March 27, 2015, without going through a financial institution.
They pleaded not guilty to the charges.

  • Maigari

    Sure former Mdm Oil but why not simply fly back to Nigeria on the next available flight and present yourself to the Court? That way you could at least reduce your legal costs and even become a ‘friend of the Court’ for your ‘honest’ bravery.

  • henry price

    comrades if not corruption what is source of Mrs Alison- Madueke appearing to be suddenly found fortune? Did she win some foreign lottery or something? 450 million Naira is a lot of money to suddenly possess after living decades without it. It is likely she hold information on corruption of many others few are willing to challenge her plus she is outright daring them to do so. Whether this is a show or not you should like her style. Very much sincere, Henry Price Jr. aka Obediah Buntu IL-Khan aka Kankan aka Gue.

  • lord vuga

    Let her stay in uk or be sent to usa. If she returns home her case would end up as ibori. How many folks has efcc or fgn ever succeeded in prosecuting till conviction here. Who has ever gone to jail for corruption?
    Bring her home and enrich some judges and govt officials. She would certainly walk free. She knows it ,thats why she wants to return.
    You would have ipob ,or some hungry ngo or group springing up to protest her innocence and claim tribalism.
    She should be tried in uk or usa and sent to jail even if it is just for 100years only.

    • super hero

      Even under this government??

  • Zico

    Funny woman. She wants to avoid British and possibly, American justice.

    • JayGeeX

      Na wah oh..
      She stayed in the UK, you accused her of running from Nigeria… She elected to come and stand in a matter to defend herself, you now claim she wants to avoid British and American justice.

      Zico. Would anyone that wants to avoid ‘British justice’ STAY in the UK?

      Be using your brains once in a while now…

      • Angry Niaja

        She cannot travel outside the U.K. Bro, in fact she has to report to the police on a regular basis, and yes they have her passport. That’s why she is begging the AGF to request for her extradition. Otherwise, she freely travelled to the UK in 2015, so if she were in a position to come back to Nigeria, she would have. Your Aunty is under investigation by U.K. and the US for money laundering

        • JayGeeX

          Did you READ the link you sent or you just sent it for the sake of it…? Whichever reason, it is quite IRRESPONSIBLE to have done so. Let me ask:. What part of the article you sent supported the claim you made about her not being able to leave UK? It was just as washy and unfocussed as the others. Allegations and speculations galore. The article ONLY referred to her charges by the Nigerian High Court. You are the one pulling UK prosecutions out of your backsides..

          Read the story again and this time TRY to see that all they did was mention large figures and included the names of people they need you to hate. Please again point out WHERE it says he passport is seized among other LIES you fabricated.

          It is an old strategy and it’s working on you. You even went as far as saying she is ‘begging’ the AGF for extradition… Even AFTER the reason she asked for it was CLEARLY STATED. I.e. To stop the foolish media trials that you can’t seem to understand for what it is..

          • lord vuga

            U must be a lawyer…..and the devil’s advocate at that.

          • JayGeeX

            No. Just a clear thinking human that will NEVER allow mob thinking get the better of me.

          • super hero

            Just because he refuses to be taken in by mob mentality? The man has clearly demonstrated that unlike so many here, he is not a lemming rushing to jump off a cliff just because the ones in front are doing so.

            You guys conveniently forget that a Nigerian government led by the current President ACTUALLY organised and PAID for the kidnap of one of her own citizens. For the same “corruption!”. From the same United Kingdom!! (

            Here you have another case of “corruption” and the “culprit” is asking to be let back into the country to face trial and people are here saying she is trying to flee British justice. I say if there is a case for her to answer let her “flee” British justice to return to the scene of the “crime”, Nigeria.

            Enough of this disease called intellectual laziness. @Lord Vuga, @JayGeeX:disqus does not need to be a lawyer or devil’s advocate. He is just being a patriotic Nigerian simply by not being INTELLECTUALLY LAZY!

          • Angry Niaja

            So, ask your thieving Aunty to comeback then.

          • JayGeeX

            Please tell me what this ‘claim’ of mine about her is… just so I am sure you are not mistaken or more probably jumped to another false assumption as is typical in these parts.

            She was named in a case and then quickly labelled as ‘at large’ without following proper process to call her in and you want her to come down at her own expense so that she can be exposed to other disjointed noise? No. Only a fool will fall for that. An extradition will mean they will have to bring her in for that case and ensure her safety. A ‘handing over’ by the government.

            Right now, she is where she chooses to be. If the courts believe she needs to be here, follow the appropriate process to have her handed in. That should not be a problem if the accusers are being honest should it? There are laid down processes for these things aren’t there? Now YOU go and look up the word EXTRADITE again. This time, strive to comprehend.

          • Angry Niaja

            I refuse to be drawn into any further communication with you because you wouldn’t recognise nor speak the truth even it bite you in the face. You’re doing your master’s bidding, do go on and earn your keep

          • JayGeeX

            The truth? Or you mean to regurgitate all the flimsy, incredible stories you read in the blogs? I have asked CLEAR QUESTIONS. Instead of responding with clear answers, you are making unverifiable claims about some ‘master’ relationship and earning keeps…

            Well, I am not one of the people you can bank on to carry petrol and tire the moment some person shouts ‘thief!’… That is for you local vigilante types… I ask questions both from the accusers and the accused.. It will be idiotic not to.

      • lord vuga

        E be lyk say small kishi from her reach u abi?

        • JayGeeX

          E be like say simple mindedness is a thing of pride for you.

          Dispute what I’ve put forward instead of coming up with 2 kobo speculations.

    • Iskacountryman

      cant she afford the one way air ticket?

  • Jaybanj

    Please oo – NO! She knows she will set free in Nigeria! Like all the others before her.

    • JayGeeX

      …OR maybe, She knows that a large amount of what you have been exposed to is media prosecution… and whe wants to show the people that are FOOLISH enough to believe it… I said ‘maybe’..

      • Communicado

        So UK is holding her on media speculation ? Wake up Bros !

        • JayGeeX

          You are funny.. I used ‘funny’ because I do not want to insult you.

          Now. Please show the class ANY REFERENCE AT ALL that backs that idiotic statement about her being ‘held’ by the UK..

          What is WRONG with you people?!

          • Communicado

            So she has been in the UK on vacation for about two years ? She has no pending criminal case against her as far as you are concern. Na wa for you o !

          • JayGeeX

            Again, you are funny. It appears you are bent on believing what you want to believe. So because she’s been there for two years means she is being held?

            Get us links to your reference to support this story of ‘criminal charges’ in the UK. Scotland Yard should have a website.. You can start from there… Instead of wallowing in moronic assumptions and getting aroused by Magu’s 2 kobo propaganda nonsense.

          • Emmanuel

            So, why is she asking for extradition to her country if she can just pick her passport and travel down to Nigeria. Don’t be confused bcos of your interest in her or maybe your hatred for EFCC.

          • JayGeeX

            Simple. She was listed in the charge list as “at large” while she had not been served. That is a ‘clever’ way of making a person look guilty without trial. She asked for an extradition because THAT is what is supposed to happen IF I’m this type of circumstances. You just don’t announce she’s at large.

            My interest in here? Why are you so simple minded? What type of interest? What a foolish assumption… I have stated my positions CLEARLY but instead of debating them, you are airing stupid assumptions.


          • Emmanuel

            Now I know that you are idiot to have used those two barbaric words “foolish and stupid assumption” for me. On what for God sake. Can all these walls of defense building in your comments save her from the judgment of God? I don’t need to show any link, you’ve made up your mind already and that’s good for you. I won’t continue to rub mind with a foolish man like on this matter.

          • JayGeeX

            So that assumption of yours was a wise one abi? Or you think it is appropriate to imply that I could only have made statement because of some inducement or the other? Without even arguing out the point raised or you defending the claims you have made based on NOTHING but washy press reportage…

            My mind is made up based on what I am CLEAR about. It is not too made up to surrender to evidence or superior argument of which you have refused to bring either.

            If you call what you are working with a ‘mind’, you standards for what qualifies as one is questionable. A functional mind DOES NOT work with speculations and assumptions but with FACT. You needed to show a link my friend… and it would only have helped you hapless case if it was a sound one.

          • lord vuga

            U are already more than bent in your deluded belief of her “innocence”.

          • JayGeeX

            “Innocence”… I am glad you put that in quotes. What I don’t know it’s WHY you are using that word to describe all I said.

            I NEVER said she is or was innocent. I am stating that all the stories that have come up are more more sensational than they have substance.

          • Johnson

            You guys is suffering from Lai Mohamed lies and deliberated deceit. When I listen to your arguments already declaring Mrs Maduake guilty without court pronouncement, I know you guys are casualties of failed university education in Nigeria. While beyond Nigeria, most of u folks are unemployable. No civilization, you do not comment out of reasoning but out of tribalistic sentiment and hatred.

          • lord vuga

            If she is innocent ,why is she being hounded by both usa and uk? I am employable in nigeria but u are employable outside nigeria for janitorial and other manualjobs. Uss your brain. If gej had won,would she have suddenly taken ill with “cancer”.
            What is she afraid of? Let her
            clear her name abroad first.
            Gosh , i cant believe u can live in such denial just for the sake of intellectualism.
            Who doesnt know the rot that exists in our oil sector and government in general.

          • super hero

            Good heavens! Where did the man claim her “innocence”? Abi am I reading a different thing? Na wa oh!
            You guys need to just chill.

          • Gbola

            Shut up.

            Her passports have been seized by the U.K authorities as she has a case to answer there.

          • JayGeeX

            Show us the link to the article where you saw this and I will get off your case… And please, not those recycled crap that was crafted for the idiots among you..

            Because you can’t tell the difference between press and propaganda doesn’t mean everyone else cannot.

            You are the one that has chosen to remain stupid. I have only decided not to let your stupidity spread any further.

          • BigTarhe

            JayGeex….hallelujah there is atleast one rational thinking man who hasn’t been brainwashed by the APC hate Dieziani & Jonathan memo….I’ve been reading this repertoire and am saddened by the hatred because the said so mentality…..THIS is why I’m 2 years APC hasn’t done a damn thing and we’re still beieving it’s the past administrations fault!!! Wake Up Nigerians……Wake Up. Let’s deal in facts…..Dieziani was not a very friendly,humble person,Yes I do believe she STOLE millions of dollars but people NOT EVERYTHING “they” put at her doorstep is Truth or Fact. And I’m someone who worked for a company she consistently denied Modular licences to for 3 years. Dont believe every lie….stay blessed people

          • JayGeeX

            The amount of self righteousness that comes with it is mid-boggling. From $90 billion to other fantastic stories. Same thing with the Dauki $2 billion matter.. They are content with the speculations lingering in the minds of half-wits that never bother to look into context of the matters or the sheer absurdity of some of those claims. And the accuser are quick to either want the trials to be ‘in private’ or perpetually postponed using watery excuses.

          • Johnson

            No need to argue with those educated illiterates and uncivilised people, victims of failed educational system in Nigeria.

          • JayGeeX

            There is need oh.. so that they don’t keep walking around with shallow notions driven by propaganda, fueled with stupidity… If they go unchallenged, they will keep thinking the nonsense they are hearing makes sense.

          • Jaybanj

            On one hand there is no reason to engage with you becasue you are clearly paid. Your job and those of your fellow thieves is to come paste so many posts on the internet in defense of your master hoping that the more stupid messages you post some Nigerians will begin to believe you, some will start to support your master and others will think there are people who support her. You are assuming that Nigerians are stupid, you are assuming that Nigerians will buy your crap. You have seen now that they wont, but as you are paid to do a job, you will not stop. Know this though, the money that was stolen resulted in deaths, deaths from poor roads, deaths from bad hospitals, deaths from people not being able to feed themselves. Nigerians are AT WAR with people like you, cut from the same clothe as the Africans who sold their children into slavery. Know this Your mother, father, brother, sister, cousin, will drive on the same roads, fly in the same planes, maybe live in the same country and WE are all hoping they will also feel the same impact of corruption as others have felt. Remember what i said people have DIED. We are at war with people like you,but we are on the side of the people who have been robbed and killed. Remember that next time you are in your church or mosque.

          • JayGeeX

            Continue with your assumptions. If you came up with a counter argument or point, I would have said you have sense but no. Instead you are saying nonsense and trying to use foolish sentiments to coat it. You are not focussed. And it is because of your refusal to think when you hear or read from the blogs… Now start running around like vigilante with tyre and petrol.

            Your assertion about ‘being paid’ and having ‘masters’ is as foolish as it is weak especially in a case where all you need was present CLEAR REFERENCES to support the claims being made.

            I am supposed to just believe the accusers that have SHOWN themselves to be on a scapegoat mission without asking VALID questions and having them CLEARLY answered? I am not a fool if you choose to be

            Show me Any Nigerian that is ‘at war’ with me and I will show you a person that is REFUSING to use their brains to tell propaganda from news.

            “Church/Mosque”… You also think I am religious… That is part of the thing causing the mass stupidity/gullibility of these ‘Nigerians’ you referred to.

          • olamurphy

            My Brother don’t mind him, we a lot of them around, he was asking for link as if that was the only alibi for her exoneration, now we have given him the link let him deal with it.

            Former Oil Minister Alison-Madueke Granted Bail, Passport Seized Nigeria’s former Minister of Petroleum Resources, Diezani Alison-Madueke, has been …

          • Jaybanj

            You are right, can you imagine those illiterate British police, those illiterate american investigators. When they have someone as intelligent at you on the internet, they will be saying rubbish.

          • Gbola

            WWW DOT thisdaylive DOT com/index.php/2017/10/04/alison-madueke-asks-court-to-compel-agf-to-extradite-her-to-nigeria/


            Olodo, why would she go to the extent of almost begging the Nigerian government to extradite her so that she can come and answer to a case in Nigeria ??

            Why don’t she just jump on a plane (supposedly, she still has her passport in her possession) ??

            Obviously you have a bolt missing in your head.
            Try figure that out.

          • JayGeeX

            You are a MORON. Let me give you reasons.

            1. Where did you come across the word ‘beg’ in that entire text? Or you have just used that word to make it sound as pathetic as your miserable life…?
            2. She is not asking for extradition to answer a case. She STATED that IF they must put her name in the charge sheet, they have to go as far as extraditing her NOT claiming she is ‘at large’ without having served her notice… If you have a competent lawyer in your village, go and ask him..
            3. She won’t just ‘jump into a plane’ because she is not stupid like yourself… If he does in that instant, the FG will not be ‘responsible’ for making sure she gets to the trial and that will leave room for the kind of rascality that brought us to our knees through military rule. All they will need to do is ‘arrest’ her on some other ‘charges’ that we will never get to clearly understand. Worse is that she will NOT be allowed to attend the ‘trial’ and the judge will not be able to compel her appearance.

            If you really are in the business of figuring things out, you should first take your head out of your ass.

          • Gbola

            Oga, you like long story ooh.

            You’re doing an awful job as a paid bloody e-rat. All you could come up with are 3 reasons why she wouldn’t jump on a plane to come ans answer to her case here meanwhile her accounts and properties are being seized left, right and center.

            Rascality indeed.
            Didn’t obanikoro return to Nigeria ??
            was he killed ??

            Oponu buruku !!
            Diezani WANTS her name joined to an ongoing case. In fact she’s begging to be a witness in the case. She’s looking for a way out of the U.K and is looking to the FG to help.
            She knows she’s going down in the U.K.
            Her U.K Properties have already been seized pending the final hearing of her court case there – you retarded dingbat.

            Eleri’bu jati-jati.

          • JayGeeX

            Account seized left, right an centre, $90 billion seized, properties forfeited, etc etc.. YET there’s not enough evidence to jail her… Instead they are trying to sidestep her appearance in court while they continue accusing her…
            Your mugu level deserves an award.

            Obanikoro is a different matter entirely and only an idiot can attempt to compare the two. That is why you are doing so.

            Those are mot assumptions. They are valid suppositions. Learn the difference.

            Her name was already joined int he case you nitwit… But the FG wants to add that she is ‘at large’ when there are legal options of which extradition is the first logical one ESPECIALLY if they are claiming she is the big fish that stole all that money.

            Whatever UK property that (allegedly) belongs to her has been seized based on a request built into existing understandings. It is NOT a confirmation of guilt. But you are too daft to know that… Moron like you probably thinks an arrest is the same thin as a conviction.

          • olamurphy

            Why are you arguing blindly, so you think she can leave UK at her own volition? when she is under investigation? which planet are from?…

            Former Oil Minister Alison-Madueke Granted Bail, Passport Seized Nigeria’s former Minister of Petroleum Resources, Diezani Alison-Madueke, has been …

          • JayGeeX

            Sahara Reports….
            My friend. Go and sit down and shut up.

          • olamurphy

            Now I know you are paid agent of Diezani, continue in your wild hallucination, no need arguing with someone with a warp understanding of issues.. Goodbye

          • JayGeeX

            You know nothing. No human that knows anything worth knowing quotes Sahara Reports in response to a request for SERIOUS reference…