Chidoka to FG: You Can Quell Agitations with Additional State for S’East

Osita Chidoka

By David-Chyddy Eleke in Awka

Candidate of the United Progressive Party (UPP), Chief Osita Chidoka, has demanded the creation of a new state in the South-eastern part of the country to assuage the inequality in the country.

Chidoka, who spoke at the official launch of his campaign in Amorka Uli, Ihiala council area of Anambra State at the weekend, said the demand, if met could quell part of the agitations by youths of the area.

Chidoka who spoke extensively said the marginalisation of people of the South-east would form part of his programmes and request from the federal government if he was elected as the governor of Anambra State.

He said the recent branding of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) as terrorists was unacceptable, while calling on the federal government to desist from such as the agitations of the group was legitimate.

Chidoka, who prayed God to hear the prayers of the people of the Southeast and end the numerous challenges facing the region, undertook to lead a new engagement that would end the marginalisation and repression of the Igbos.

He said: “While we salute all those who through one legitimate way or the other have pursued the struggle, we state today that we are stepping into a new frontier. The Igbo voice against marginalisation and injustice will not be achieved on the streets. It will rather be won with a determined engagement of our institutions of government and with other Nigerians who feel aggrieved to redefine the meaning of Nigeria and remove the inequalities that have fanned the embers of discord, and restructure our nation along the lines of justice, equality and fairness.

“To this end, my election as governor of Anambra State, will start off with a single agenda; an agenda to secure a new state for the southeast region to bridge the disparity we face. We will immediately, upon inauguration, in line with S. 8 (1) of the 1999 Constitution get our National Assembly members from Anambra State, our elected Houses of Assembly members, and local government chairmen to sign a request to the National Assembly asking for a referendum for the sixth South-east state.

“We will vigorously engage our friends from other states in the National Assembly and other Houses of Assembly for a new state. Nigeria must take a decision on the issue of additional state for the southeast before the end of tenure of the 8th assembly and the 2019 election.”

The former minister maintained that there were no terrorists in the southeast, insisting that the nation should not regard the Igbo quest for self-determination as terrorism but a genuine agitation that needs to be addressed.

“We cannot build a great nation without unity at home. We cannot be a nation where people are hated, branded and then hounded and ostracised. We stand here to declare that there are no terrorists in our state; there are no terrorists in our region and we do not feel terrorised as a people. Indeed, without further argument, we do not believe that those who are asking for a restructured Nigeria or even for dismemberment of Nigeria are terrorists. No! They are not,” he said

  • OshyLike

    When the young Chidoka who was born after the Civil War was milking with the Federal Govt as head of Federal Road Safety Commission and as a Minister of Aviation, he could not voice out on the creation of addition State for the SE. He just found his voice now. When you get additional State and they allocate 10 Local Governments to the State, what sense does that make when Local Governments of a particular State in the North is over 40? Restructuring is the way to go so that Regions/States/Provinces can contribute their share to the center, and not go to Abuja monthly for allocation.

  • Don Franco

    Dear Osita Chidoka,

    The train of an additional state for the SE left the station many years ago. It will not happen in the government of a zoo that hates the Igbo with such venom. We just want a referendum to exist Lugard’s zoo, not an additional cage, of a state within the same zoo. This kind of anachronistic thinking is why the youth proscribed any election in Anambra State.
    Clearly, you will make a bad Governor, if you’re already going against the wish of the majority of our people, before you’re even elected. NO ELECTION IN ANAMBRA! ALL HAIL BIAFRA.

  • FRANCES382

    Additional states is not the answer. The government can quell agitation by ensuring some significant projects are completed in the South East. Just by doing its job and beginning some of the projects that were put in the budget they can put a stop to some of this nonsense

  • Dele Awogbeoba

    Joker. There will not be an extra state for the SE because it is not merited in any way.

    • Ebere Eze

      Dele, your SW merits 6 States, but SE does not merit an additional State to be at equal with your region. What a sense of fair play and equity you parade. It is unfortunate, how you reason

      • Dele Awogbeoba

        Yorubas at estimated to be 21% of the population and igbos are estimated to be 18% of the population. The combined strength of the Hausa and Fulani are said to be 29% of the Nigerian population.



        Today, Igbos areas have 18 sentorial districts and the Yoruba areas have 21 senatorial districts out of the 109 senatorial distrutorial districts in Nigeria. That comes to 21 and 17% respectively. Quite close to their percentagepulation figures. Additionally, most igbos no longer live in the SE and igbos resident outside the SE routinely stand for election (and sometimes win elections) in areas outside the SE. Lagos being a case in point and reference.

        If however, the laws are to change to compel people to only stand for elections in their region of origin then a new census is made where tribes are identified, then to the extent that the population has changed significantly from the estimates used from the 60’s then that can be argued with up to date figures close to hand. At the current time it is not merited. Additionally, Rivers is predominantly igbo speaking.