China Renews Commitment to Nigeria’s Industrialisation


Alex Enumah in Abuja

The People’s Republic of China has once again renewed its pledge to support the industrialisation of Nigeria by sharing its experiences as well as providing capital, technology and other ingredients that would fast-track development and industrialisation of the country.

The aim which is geared towards deepening relations between the two countries is part of China’s foreign strategy for cooperation in Africa for the next five years.

The Chinese Ambassador to Nigeria, Zhou Pingjian, reiterated China’s commitment in a speech delivered yesterday in Abuja to commemorate the 68th Independence anniversary of China.

He noted that China and Nigeria share a lot of things in common and that their relationship over the last 46 has not only flourished but has become a pacesetter in China-Africa cooperation.

“China and Nigeria, are both large developing countries, regard each other as important strategic partners. Since the establishment of diplomatic ties 46 years ago, much progress has been made in our bilateral ties.

“The all-dimensional, wide-ranging and high-quality cooperation between our two countries has been a pacesetter in China-Africa cooperation, bringing real benefits to our two peoples and contributing to world peace and development,” he said.

“China supports the relocation of its industries to Nigeria and expansion of production capacity cooperation with Nigeria on a priority basis. China is willing to share its experiences with Nigeria and provide capital, technology and talents in support of Nigeria’s industrialization. The potential of “Made-in-Nigeria with China” is huge,” he added.

The envoy while stating that China has become Nigeria’s largest project contractor, second largest trading partner and a major source of investment, noted that with remarkably strengthened political mutual trust and economic complementarity, bilateral relations between the two countries can be taken to greater heights.

Pingjian said China recognises that Industrialization is one of the five priorities of the Economic Recovery and Growth Plan (ERGP), of the Federal government and as the world’s top manufacturer, China has proved to be a most desirable and reliable long-term partner for Nigeria in its quest for development and prosperity.

“China values its relations with Nigeria. We should seize the opportunity and work together to lift our relations to a new level for the greater benefit of our two peoples”, he said.