Cavani Banned from PSG’s Official Neymar Fans Club



Neymar’s highly-publicised feud with Edinson Cavani took another turn at the weekend after the Brazilian international banned his teammate from Paris Saint-Germain’s official Neymar fan club.

Tensions between the two teammates have been steadily increasing over the last week after an on-field dispute, which saw them argue over the right to take a penalty during their side’s 2-0 victory over Lyon on September 17.

Cavani eventually overruled both Neymar and his compatriot Dani Alves, before missing the penalty. At the final whistle he left the pitch immediately.

Following the disagreement reports emerged that Neymar had not only unfollowed Cavani on Instagram, but also demanded the Parisian club sell the former Napoli striker in the next transfer window.

Despite hopes of a reconciliation between the two, many at the Parc des Princes now fear the situation is irreconcilable after the Uruguayan was banned from the Ligue 1 team’s official Neymar fan club set up by Neymar after signing with PSG this summer.

“When I join a team I expect loyalty from my teammates. I give it to them and I expect the same in return. By not allowing me to take penalties that he would usually take, Edinson has totally betrayed my trust. As such, his name has been taken off the register of the PSG chapter of the Neymar fan club,” read a statement released by the ex-Barcelona man’s PR team at the weekend referring to the private group which meets at Neymar’s home weekly to discuss their favourite things about the Brazilian and watch highlights of his best goals and tricks.

“We asked Cavani to apologise, but he refused to do so. As a result of his treacherous behaviour, he will no longer be invited to Neymar Appreciation Fridays. That also means that there will be no more Neymar badges, Neymar t-shirts, Neymar posters or Neymar fidget spinners arriving at his home every week. He took a risk and will, unfortunately, serve the harshest punishment imaginable.”

Sources close to Neymar later revealed that while he would be more than happy to see Cavani leave, he might be willing to forgive him providing he receives reassurances that his teammate will never attempt a shot ever again.