Heaven Can Wait! RCCG’s City of David Parish Pastor’s Wife, Siju Iluyomade’s love for Christian Louboutin


Many a rich, privileged woman totter into vogue but it takes a profound, perceptive lady to mirror the breadth and depth of burgeoning trends to the world. Siju Iluyomade, wife of the Senior Pastor of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), Idowu Olusola Iluyomade, is a rich, privileged woman. She is profound and perceptive too, thus she dictates and sets the pace in her social circuit. Siju symbolises the incontestable affirmation of charm and élan as acceptable traits in a virtuous woman.

Been a Christian, according to Siju, should not sentence anyone to the dungeons of bleakness and aesthetic barrenness. Siju glamourises her trendiness and love for high fashion as much as her love for God. She lives her life like a queen, always dressed in Christian Louboutin, LV, Gucci, Zagliani, Hermes and Marc Jacobs products. For her, Christianity has evolved beyond conservative dress. Among other pastors’ wives in Nigeria, she reigns as the queen of style and fashion.

Although she is a pastor’s wife, she remains the essence of glamour, elegance and unrestrained aura. City of David, arguably one of the richest RCCG parishes in Nigeria, is filled with elegant women who appear in church in elegant and immaculate dresses.

But they mostly pale into insignificance compared to the flamboyance of their pastor’s wife. Her pretty face looks more like a work of art. She drives the best of cars and wears the most expensive of accessories. Heads turn each Sunday when she steps into church in appreciation of her beauty, while some ladies are simply green with envy. Her jewelry twinkle with carats of diamonds and gem stones and cause the hearts of many to overflow with longing.