Flipsides of a Dull Coin… Patience Jonathan Clocks 60


Those who summon the storm must never cringe from a storm cloud. But having beckoned the storm, Patience Jonathan cringes from its ravage like a spaniel fleeing the gusts of a snowstorm. While her husband, Goodluck Jonathan, was President, Patience wore chaos like a crown and stirred the hornet’s nest with reckless abandon.

She elevated strife and cut-throat politics from an eyesore to an art form. But no sooner did her husband lose his re-election bid than her impotence dawn on her. Patience is not so powerful and influential after all.

Not with the incumbent government anyway. Little wonder she is on the radar of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC). And her husband, the former President, subtly seeks to outfox his traducers and keep a wide berth from his successor, President Muhammadu Buhari’s anti-corruption landmine. This explains his discomforting silence in the wake of his wife, Patience’s mounting travails in the dragnet of EFCC.

Despite the controversies trailing his wife and Nigeria’s former first lady, Patience Jonathan, over her alleged complicity in money-laundering and other fraudulent activities during his tenure in the presidency, Jonathan has remained silent. However, Patience would be 60 in few weeks time.

But we are not sure if she is going to roll out the drums or her praise-singers who morphed into a group called Friends of the First Lady of Nigeria (FFLN), will organise a party for her the way they used to when she was in power. The group comprised of self-acclaimed society women who paraded themselves Dame Patience’s closest circle of friends and associates.