PEDULUM By Dele Momodu, Email: dele.momodu@thisdaylive.com



Fellow Nigerians, let me confess my admiration for security forces generally. It is not just because of the cleanliness and crispiness of their uniform or the famed discipline that they imbue in their members. It is because I find their job too risky. I often wonder why any man or woman would voluntarily sign his or her death warrant. For me, they appear more like suicide bombers. As a toddler in the ancient city of Ile-Ife, I remember being told by older people that “soldiers are trained to kill” and we were told to avoid them. The myth flying around included that most of them were recruited without having much education. But as I grew up, I began to acquire a special fascination for them, especially the elite squads in the Navy and the Air Force. I would later interact with many soldiers at home and abroad. I love their uniforms, jackboots and in particular their menacing guns.

I still imagine till this day what it takes to be a killer. We were told soldiers were regularly injected with special drugs that makes it impossible for them to have the milk of human kindness in them. But with time, I saw and met many soft-hearted soldiers. I used to tease them about what we were told as kids. I must say I became one of their fans and good friends. I visited our soldiers in Sierra Leone and Liberia and gave them my humble support and they were very appreciative of my modest contribution and inspiration.

The reason for my preamble must be obvious to you all. I was seriously angry after seeing a video purportedly showing how our soldiers were brutalising fellow Nigerians and subjecting them to the worst indignities known to mankind. I’ve been praying that the videos were shot in outer space and not anywhere near Nigeria. But if what I saw very vividly actually took place on our planet and in this our dear beloved nation, then we’ve truly missed the road. I did not see any sign of weapons with these hapless victims of oppression and repression. At the very worst, even if as the military authorities claimed, that the soldiers were pelted with pebbles and stones, the treatment meted out to the personalities in the video is undeserved by any human being. How was the response from the military commensurate to that of the supposed hoodlums? Was it not an act of provocation in itself for soldiers to be engaging in drills in an area already soaked with tension?

Let me stretch the argument a bit further. Whose idea was it to draft the soldiers onto the streets to intimidate Nigerians in areas where there was no war? How can anyone send soldiers to threaten a people who already feel marginalised and are saying so very resoundingly? What is wrong with empowering members of the Nigeria Police Force and especially the anti-riot police squad to tackle cases of hooliganism and even terrorism. Soldiers are meant to come out in open battle only in extreme cases where there is total chaos and mayhem. President Muhammadu Buhari has wittingly or inadvertently walked into the trap cleverly set for him by the Biafra secessionists. Kanu and company have read the President well knowing his proclivity for no-nonsense and high-handedness.

If truth must be told, this is the height of intolerance on the part of the Nigerian State. I have not seen any Lawyer who believes in the legality of what our soldiers have done. Kanu may be reckless and irresponsible by promoting internecine wars and heating up our country unnecessarily but no one can deny him the right of expressing himself and agitating for his beliefs. What could have been done to him was very simple; send the police after him and get him rearrested for flouting his bail conditions. Some of his hard core loyalists and acolytes could be easily identified and kept out of circulation. For the past few months, Kanu has been raking and ranting but he has not fired a bullet. As a matter of fact, this government has unfortunately resurrected a man who was already on his way to Golgotha and at a time his bravado was becoming increasingly irritating to many of those who took him seriously initially. The staccato fashion of his argument was becoming boring and predictable. I really don’t know who misadvised our leaders into thinking they can fight all wars and win all. Believe me please, I know Nigeria a bit, it is a dangerous gamble.

I’m aware that our President is a retired Major General, a man well known for his taciturnity, who packs his punches and loves to take on known and imaginary enemies. But we supported him because we believed Baba had transfigured into a born again democrat. The Buhari we supported was not the man who ruled with draconian Decrees from 1983-85 and was forced out of power and his detractors rejoiced openly and widely. The same Nigerians who praised you for beating your child would soon turn around to castigate you and ask why you’re so wicked. That is the reality of Nigeria. This particular case is even more precarious. Some Northerners had issued threats to the Igbos to quit their territory or face monumental reprisals. A few of the respected people in the North cautioned them but they were rebuffed with insults in a most vicious manner. No security arm ever tried to even invite them for any chat not to talk of arrests. The then Acting President, Professor Yemi Osinbajo, did so well by engaging different sections of Nigeria in peaceful dialogue and we were happy that the ticking bomb was carefully detonated. Just imagine what would have happened if he invaded parts of the North or East with soldiers blazing with guns and bayonets. He would have been accused of all sorts, including ethnic cleansing.

Our President should be told in very clear terms that the world has changed drastically in the last three decades. No leader can order his troops out in the streets to kill and destroy wantonly. We should not over-stretch our luck. Nigeria cannot afford a second civil war. Our economy is already in shambles. We should prosecute how to return to economic recovery urgently and resist the temptation of wasting our scarce resources on persecuting our fellow citizens. The videos in circulation tend to portray us as barbarians who belong in the prehistoric age. We’ve suffered enough negativity and should not invite the wrath of the world upon ourselves. Believe it or not, Nigeria may find itself in the bad book of War Crimes Tribunal. It is not impossible, no matter how long it takes. Mass graves have been reported in some parts of Nigeria with concrete proofs. Nigerians have been detained indefinitely in near solitary confinements without trial. This are not the best examples to lay for our future. Many of those who should speak up against tyranny are too squeamish for obvious reasons. But it should not be so.

I’m not a supporter of Biafra. I don’t have to be. I love and prefer a bigger, stronger and more prosperous Nigeria. But there are reasons for many Nigerians to detest Nigeria, today. They feel they have been horribly marginalised and treated like second class citizens in their own country. Their perception is that they believe all or most of the following things. Their children no longer attend the good schools for which the Igbos have become well known. The goods, some of which they even make themselves in Aba, have become only available for the rich. Infrastructure is sorely lacking for the most part.  Where they exist, they are decaying and nobody is really attending to them. There are no new jobs and the few old jobs are being lost in droves. The state of healthcare is almost hopeless. Federal character has become a total charade. We can go on, ad infinitum, reeling out the litany of woes that our brothers and sisters in the South East believe is responsible for the unusually strident agitation that we are now witnessing. To be fair and charitable they do have cause to be aggrieved in many respects. Our government should address these issues instead of attacking those who disagree with them. One of the surest ways to do this is by education, information and public enlightenment to demonstrate that the position is not as bad as they feel.  The social media is awash with facts and figures for and against the depth and seriousness of the so-called marginalisation of the South East. The next step would be to identify those issues which are of critical concern, proffer solutions to resolve them and then act on these solutions. The third and equally important duty of the government is to ensure an equitable distribution of resources and positions.  Indeed, this is the major reason for the clamour for restructuring. Whilst we still operate in a system where government provides practically everything, it is only just that people must have a sense of belonging and participation.  However, the best form of restructuring that Nigeria needs now is not merely to decentralise power but to cede power completely to the private sector whilst government contributes its quota by providing the enabling environment for the much needed industrialisation and technological advancement that will take us out of our present doldrums..

In the name of God, the omnipotent and merciful, everyone should beg our Federal Government to end this self-immolating war of attrition. We have nothing to gain. In fact, we have more to lose.


In a country riddled with constant bad news, the example of good governance embodied by the Lagos State Governor, Mr Akinwunmi Ambode, is sweet music to many who have followed his trajectory. He is one of the uncommon leaders in Nigeria who has redefined leadership and service. And he makes it look so simple. He is humble and modest as well and does not see power as an end but the means to achieving his dreams for a vibrant and resurgent Lagos State. For him, God has found it fit to place him in a position where he can improve the lot f his people and he has dedicated himself to doing so with little fuss but great vigour.

I’ve had a few interactions with the amazing Governor as a journalist and can attest to the fact that Lagos is richly blessed to have yet another great governor who is determined to take the powerful State even higher.

The Ovation Media Group recently partnered with Lagos State during the Lagos at 50 Celebrations and we produced a special edition of Ovation International magazine showcasing the giant strides and remarkable achievements of the State right from its inception to the present administration. I was greatly delighted when we took delivery of this collector’s item in London last Tuesday from our permanent printers in Enfield, England, of over 16 years.

I sent a message to the Governor two nights ago from Abuja and Mr Ambode responded promptly. He approved an appointment for the official presentation of the colourful publication. Our team which included myself, one of our Directors, Prince Damola Aderemi, the Editor, Mike Effiong, Deputy Editor, Dele Salako, as well as Our GM , Ovation Tv, Segun Adebowale, Editor at large, Ohimai Amaize and Ovation TV presenter, Daala Oruwari, representing our individual units namely, The Magazine, Ovation TV and The Boss Online, met with the Governor and a few members of his Team (as he fondly referred to them) which included the Attorney -General, Adeniji Kazeem, Special Assistant on Strategy and Information, Idowu Ajanaku and the Chief Press Secretary, Habib Haruna, in Lagos at the State House, Alausa  last night. The experience of the presentation of the Special Edition was most wonderful and humbling. It was an opportunity for me to personally appreciate Governor Ambode for his impressive achievements and his great interest in the Ovation Group.

I wish to thank our Governor for the great honour and look forward to more successful years ahead for him.

  • Paulocaesar

    Wow!!!…. I’m flabbawhelmed and overghasted!

  • Dele Awogbeoba

    A clear and growing danger presented by an organisation whose principles are in direct conflict with the state will result in friction either now or later. It is either confronted in its growth phase or at its point of optimal strength. The timing chosen will only affect the costs in lives in defeating the menace. The choice is that of the state. Ignoring Kanu was never an option. OBJ ignored BH for so long until Yar Adua had to act. What we face today is a consequence of years of OBJ’s tolerance. Kanu’s IPOB is a failure of the Nigerian foreign security service who should have taken care of this threat very very early. Now the problem will be dealt with but it will cost many Nigerians their lives.

    The core North claimed marginalization under OBJ and voted against him in 2003. The Yoruba claimed marginalization under GEJ (whose govt was packed full of igbos in much the same way that Buhari’s govt is packed full with northerners) and the YORUBAS voted against GEJ in 2015. Neither Northerners nor the Yoruba started a war of secession but put their faith in the ballot box. In a democracy, a people have their votes as their ultimate weapons against a candidate. That is the place where pay back is given. That is how a democracy works. One does not leave the ballot box and embark on terrorism and genocide because a govt does not treat you in the manner GEJ made them feel accustomed.

    Any one looking at the video of igbos hunting for Hausa people with clear intent on genocide knows that the situation in the SE requires military attention in order to avoid genocide.

    Buhari cannot be expected to be as irresponsible with IPOB as GEJ was with Boko Haram. Terrorists must be confronted whether we like it or not.

    • Intrepid

      dele awogbogbogbo, alias the vulture, king of offal. You never fail in your mission to stoke the ember of hatred against the great Igbos and other tribes. You will die a frustrated VULTURE in pursuing the blessed Igbos.. Here you are disingenously trying to make a smoudering fire to become a conflagration. You have failed again in your satanic mission.

      The Hausa/Fulani you are trying to draw into conflict, know the capabalities of the major southern tribes very well. They don’t need your fickle enlightenment anymore. If you don’t know, ask the fulani Patriach, Tanko Yakassai. He would tell you how the real brain behind Nigerian’s dismemberment are the yariba, Tanko will tell you how the greedy actions of the yariba caused the civil war. A fight between the wives of Akintola Taku and HIMMLER awolowo in the awarding of contracts to supply stationerry to schools in the west , created the rift that resulted to Akin – awo misunderstanding, leading to operation wetie, the rest you know.

      The VULTURE as the yariba have been described would patiently wait for the fallouts of a fight, to feed from. Scavengers they are. Not this time.

      That pictorial NONSENSE you are copying and pasting, everyone knows is just like a child’s play. Watch carefully the young lads who were stopping those vehicles, were not brandishing any weapons, besides the passengers in those vehicles, were only laughing, and most importantly their careless actions were as a result of the savagery carried out by the Nigeria military, the pics which went virile all over the world, that which satanic souls like you will never copy and paste, rather would enjoy wacthing the demise of your enemies. It is on record, that afterall not a single hausa- fulani soul has been lost in the entire south East, despite all the gory provocation from the Army.

      I am happy that millions of yariba with good conscience like this writer, who cannot hold back their emotions, are doing so in writing. The Savagery that took place in Abia State, to me I have concluded in my mind that, the Slogan, Black life matters is RUBBISH. It doesn’t matter a thing. That was clearly exhibited by the wild beasts in human skin, in Nigeria.

      The IGBO enigma will continue to torment your wretched satanic soul to your erternal Demise on earth. The great Igbos will remain divinely blessed against all odds.

      One more food for thought for you fcuking 1diot. ” Some yoruba soldiers were among those who pulled the trigger that killed Akintola Taku”

      • Dele Awogbeoba

        The Nigerian army is made up of every tribe in Nigeria. Every hotspot in Nigeria has faced the strong arm tactics of the Nigerian army. The Nigerian army under the igbo COAS iHEJIRIKA was accused of the deaths of thousands of civilians in 2011.


        There was never a time when we saw Kanuri people hunting down igbo people from public buses as a consequence.

        Barbarism and genocide will never be accepted, justified nor minimised. Evil will not be tolerated or excused simply because its perpetrators are igbo.

        As an fyi, the writer is from Edo state and is not Yoruba. You may want to glorify base barbarism and savagery not seen in Africa since Rwanda but I will not be part of that evil propensity of making excuses for barbarism and savagery. I will continue to expose evil in all its forms.

        • sunny okocha

          I have followed your comments for sometime you are a very angry/tribal bigot full of bile so sad it is happening in this modern day I’ll like to ask, what do you want to achieve via your anger why not seek therapy and education and also do a bit of travelling and socialize with the people who you spew bile at may be that could change your perception and help bring out that nice person in you. How can a man hate so much even if kanu is spewed so much bile at others why not stand back and ask is he speaking for everyone. (Na you only know know wetin dey worry you).

          • Dele Awogbeoba

            Clearly you have no logical thoughts on the merits. You may like or applaud base genocide but I will not and i make no apologies for it. Nor will I humour descent into the illusion of victimisation as a strategy of hiding genocide and savagery.

          • sunny okocha

            Here we go again you have made no sense with your reply once again take time out from this anger trail via social media and take a deep look at your views on national issues its 2017 and not 1914 if a man at this point could spew bile against others/ethnic nationalities because you do not like the views of some small minority then you need education and travelling to understand the people you spew the bile at. dele dele dele stop thinking like your fore fathers.
            And on merit what are the merits of your arguments have followed your views you full of bile, hatred, bigotry and anachronistic views to national debate.
            On my reply where did I applaud base genocide.
            Nobody wants you to humour descent, because you lack humour and you have never displayed a strain in your comment.
            Bro once again na only you know wetin dey worry you, you come across like a loner, a victim of bullying during formative age and now you feel like its pay back time but have failed to do it right bye MR. EUPD.

          • Dele Awogbeoba

            I will not follow your superficial views on national matters. Take that to the bank. Label my views whatever you like. It is immaterial. What is key is that the facts and the reality of differing view points will be given expression to. Baseless savagery and genocidal intents will be made public. Savages will not be able to hide their actions whilst pretending to be victims. This is my last response to you.

          • sunny okocha

            I am not against differing view point to national debate but when they laced with bile, anachronistic façade and poorly engaging with ethnocentric identity of the writer as a front which has become your hallmark every time you comment on national issue then people who know the consequences and know how nonsensical such views are in modern day will scream so unlearn that habit and become a different man.
            Your behaviour I bet has been borne from linear growth/development/socialization ogbeni kontinuuu.

        • Intrepid

          dele awogbogbogbo, the satanic VULTURE. You are a very good observer when it comes to the activities and failings of those you hate so much. You were able to see Igbo youths chasing hausa people, but it is on record that not a single hausa, nor fulani soul was lost in all the military provocation and savagery, in Abia state.

          But in order to give a dog a bad name, that which you have been anxiously looking for, you will not hesitate to create a mountain out of the mound it surpose to be. Unfortunately the people you are trying to cry for, already know all your yariba evil schemings. It is not at this juncture that you have been lamenting and tearing your satanic heart apart about the activities of Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB, especially radio Biafra, Now that the slightest opportunity has come to you, it is no surprise you are coming out with your yariba taliking drums.

          All along the fulani herdsmen have perpetrated mayhem all over Nigeria, even in your yariba mama’s bedroom, but you will not blow your trumpet.

          I don’t need elementary lecture on where the writer comes from, I know he is an Edomite, but he identifies himself with the yariba, because of the circumstances of his birth and Ife. Take your information elsewhere.

          But for the military invasion in Abia state, everyone knows IPOB have never pick arms against anyone, they preach non – violence all along. The careless outburst of kanu is what most people, including myself detaste, but that does not in any way make their agitations like other agitations all over the world, not justified.

          The Igbo ENIGMA will remain a tormenting ARROW that will continue to pierce through your satanic heart, till the day you depart this world.

          The great Igbos are divinely blessed, Fcuking 1diot!

          • Dele Awogbeoba

            You will not succeed in diverting attention from one evil group to another evil group in this matter. The evil group whose activities are the subject of inspection under this article are igbo youths and their IPOB manner. If you want to know my views on fulani herdsmen just put a google search for “herdmen / terrorists / dele Awogbeoba”. Now is not the time or the place to talk about herdsmen. Additionally, have already heard of cases of those igbos attacking and killing Hausa’s in Rivers and setting of bombs in Hausa quarters in Asaba. The video does not lie. Because you have not yet heard cases of Hausa deaths or injury does not mean non exists. I can only imagine the type of mental anguish those Hausa’s must be facing in the SE when faced with hordes of igbo savages baying for blood.

            You can minimize and make excuses all you care. You should be ashamed of yourself. Making excuses for savagery and ethnic cleansing as well as genocide can only be done by an igbo man who with no sense of shame will turn around and cry the horrows of the civil war in the very next breadth.

          • Intrepid

            Your evil and satanic heart will always concoct monumental lies against your dreaded enemies, that in essence to bring them down and hand them over for slaughter. But you will never succeed. The great Igbos are proud for one thing, we don’t go about slaughtering strangers in our midst. That is an abomination in Igboland, rather we protect them, because we believe we are not only going to incur the wrath of God, but we also see it an act of cowardice.

            The hausas and fulanis in our region have never been slaughtered like it was done to them at Ille Ife.

            Do I need a scornful and heartless soul to care for how I cry for our genocide, not at all. Satan never cares about what happens to his enemies, rather the evil, awogbogbogbo would jeer and scorn.

            The Igbo ENIGMA will continue to torment your dirty soul all the short time of your miserable earth dwelling.

            The great Igbos are divinely blessed. Fcuking 1diot!

          • Dele Awogbeoba

            The video does not lie. All you have written is fake and the whole world that has seen the video now understands the hypocrisy that is a feature so common in the SE.

          • Intrepid

            Do you understand the Igbo language those rascals were speaking and how the passengers just laughed at them? You monkeyman! Satanic yariba creature. You enjoy stoking conflict between people, then fall back to reap from the spoil. VULTURE. Listen to the Otta Macaque singing another tune, after describing freedom fighters as miscreants. Typical yariba HYPOCRISY.

          • Dele Awogbeoba

            All the passengers were saying was “no hausa here”. What an environment for non indigenes to live. Those people are truly barbaric.


            Muslims do not even have freedom of worship in the SE.

          • Intrepid

            Sharap, their intention was never to kill any Hausa in that environment. Our people are never barbaric and ritualistic like yariba ( The Ille Ife massacre). Didn’t you see everything was like a joke. You satanic yariba want to make it look like trying to kill. The hausa – fulani know better than that. Get lost with your akintola stripe – face.

    • kalu9909

      Whosoever that has this posted here should be treated like a terrorist. You should be picked up and locked up for life. You are more than a murderer. This video you posted can cause more havoc than the activities of IPOB. Do you know millions of people within and outside Nigeria who has watched this meaningless video. Whose interest are you promoting? Those in the north, without this video may not know what transpired in the south east, but with this video, you may arouse their consciousness. You are not suppose to live with human beings with blood flowing in their veins.

      • Dele Awogbeoba

        You said IPOB is not a terrorist organisation. I have revealed the actions of terrorist IPOB in the SE. Your atrocities will not be covered up. The police and army must be made aware of your terrorist activities so that people get behind the army and police in its fight against barbarians and savages. You are looking at hiding the truth whilst pushing the false narrative of military excesses. It will not work. You claimed that there is no threat to life on this thread and when we show you that hausa and Yoruba live in fear in the SE, you want the evidence removed. The world must know the true evil behind IPOB.

  • E.Udah

    I join president Obasanjo to say that Buhari has not disappointed me at all. He has even outdo all that was expected of him by those of us who knew his antecedents. It would have been a miracle to expect anything different from a desport.
    Just look at Nigeria in the last two years. It’s like reliving 1984-86 and Abacha era where you have to discuss in hushed tones even while in your bedroom for fear of been arrested and dumped in an underground prison.

    Some of us knew that things will be bad for the four years he will rule, but we never foresaw that it will be this bad in just two years.

    If I was in New York right now, I will personally lead the protest against buhari at the UN.

    However, I am one of your critics and admirers. But in the last three years you disappointed us for whatever reasons when you chose to support buhari. Your peice today is to me a self reclamation.

    Everyone cannot be a #spokesperson for the president! You’re better off with the people.
    Thanks for not sitting on the fence as usual.

  • John Paul

    Momodu is 100% correct. Human Right violations does not help anyone’s cause. So our military must always abide by military best practices. And human right violations should be promptly investigated and punished by the Nigerian Army

    Additionally, Aba suffered from more infrastructural decay, than any other city in Nigeria, during the years of the idiotic PDP. It is no wonder that Aba became a fertile recruiting ground for IPOB.
    The poorly educated IPOB members are not able to deceipher who looted the funds that was meant for the development of Aba. So they are directing their anger in the wrong place

    Since Aba has made its way to the news, this is a good opportunity for PMB and the national assembly – as part of a carrots and sticks approach to militancy – to vote $1 billion, or so, for the Aba infrastructure, that was criminally neglected during the 16 years of the idiotic PDP

  • Chichi Girl

    Hmm uncle d, Weldon sir.
    Hope u will not retract this piece under pressure. Kudos for now

  • onyema22ohaka

    Maybe the epiphany of dele momodu?
    Is he on his way to Damascus?
    We are watching!

  • Gary

    Nice one here Dele. Must admit I gave up on reading your column after the last one got my dandy up with your wishlist of those you were recommending for national leadership of a country that has been so much used and abused by conmen, thugs and certified morons.
    The only folks missing were the Kardashians for they too are famous for being famous by the empty suits with padded resumes we present as leaders in Nigeria. Aminu Tambuwal, Rotimi Amaechi, etc…really?
    Sorry for the digression.
    I’m glad someone persuaded me to go read what you wrote this time. And happy that you chose to not hold back about how Buhari, as his train leaves the Ebute-Metta station for the Iddo Terminus, is leading Nigeria into strife and Turkur Buratai for an appointment at the The Hague.
    I’m tired of sounding like a broken record about the state of the nation and wasting paper and brain cells trying to reason with the fossils and morons holding us back as a people.

    So let’s us adopt the Lagos model, just run our lives and communities like the morons in Abuja don’t exist. You desire anything good for yourself and your people? Just do it. Those who wanted Sharia did not ask the rest of us before they did it. With their own state police now that they call Hisbah.
    Face your own state or wherever you reside, pay your tax and then hold your Governor accountable to do right by you and the community.
    If it works in Lagos, it can work anywhere else. It’s even working in Kebbi State where Atiku Bagudu, Abacha’s former bagman, is redeeming himself by working for the betterment of his people while his neighbors are busy building more mosques and guest houses (to carouse with mistresses) in Abuja with public funds from dwindling oil revenues.
    It’s time for those who want a better future for themselves and their children to put the likes of Buhari, Obasanjo, Tinubu, Atiku, and most of the guys on Dele’s list that got me mad where they truly belong: in our rear view mirror. They belong to our sorry past and have no relevance to the future we wish for our progeny.

    • Akaraka

      Stay tuned, (9/19/ 17). The Igbo community/ Igbo World Congress are busing into NY thousands of protesters on the scheduled Buhari’s UN appearance of perfidy.
      Buhari keeps proofing us right that he’s the right man for this job, actualization of Biafra.

  • Mystic mallam

    Wowww , Dele Momodu!! I am nearly in shock, you can write with such clear objectivity and courage not pandering to power and self-ingratiating. I can’t give any thumbs up until we see how long this trend sustains.

  • Michael Kadiri SocioPolitical

    Ladies and Gentlemen
    Breaking News!!!
    Someone has stolen Dele Momodu and injected his brain with sense.
    I have come to this conclusion because I read this article, checked the date and it is not April 1st.

    • BB

      This injection, how long is the effect for?

  • kalu9909

    Mr. Dele, for the very first time, I doff my hat for you. Most times, I do not finish your write ups because I usually found them boring and un-interesting from the beginning to the end. But, your message today has changed all perception about you. You were really positive and objective in your message today. You hit the nails on the head without mincing words. You really dealt on the situation without giving the government any chance. There is no way anybody can fault you on what you said today. It is not all about the ibos but, generally, the government has failed the country. President Buhari has not disappointed those who never supported him from the beginning. All his actions have shown that he came for a purpose, which is, to subjugate some section of the country and to enthrone northern hegemony. There is no reason whatsoever for the government to deploy a strong military force in the south east. There is no threat to life and property in the region. Despite the fact that Kanu and his group has been using condemn-able language against the state, it is not enough reason for the Buhari government to treat a section of the country with impunity just because of one man. The International Criminal Court (ICC) at the Hague must take note of happening in the south east. The Transparent International must equally take note of this. The abuse of human rights under Buhari’s government is legendary, and by the time he steps down from office, he will end up of the most tribal and sectional leader in Nigeria’s history. He is presently re-writing his history in a negative way.

  • Powell Tallen

    For the very first time in the life of this useless irresponsible government by the boko haram patron from daura, dele has finally found his voice! I have the feeling that dele’s outburst has nothing to do with the love for this country, but perhaps it has down on him that the northern irredentist and nepotistic fulani man in aso rock will never give him any appointment now into the third year in the most wasteful regime in the history of the nation. Dele should ask tinubu, ezekwesili, prof soludo and many more how they have been sidelined! At least Atiku had the guts to cry out openly, but the southern cowards will prefer to die in silence! Mama Taraba has also sent a staggering blow, even though she is part of the spoils! If dele were in mama taraba’s shoes, he will never be ranting today, but singing halleluhah just as the fake pastor called osinbajo is doing! Useless southern bastards!

  • Wikileaks

    Wish the Federal Government was equally more serious in addressing the menace of criminally-minded fulani herdsmen. This idea of the north seeing other parts of the country as second-class citizens will eventually lead to a break-up of the country.

  • remm ieet

    Nigerian government should not give the wrong impression that they exist just to contain the people and shove the army up their patch whenever they ask for their rights. Kanu has been promoted now, beyond his imagination. This is the way Nigeria operates. Eventually, after its acts of omission or comission has produced unintended consequences, it then loses out. At a time Nigeria is supposed to be coming of age, its citizens are developing phobia for it. The citizens are developing in a way that is not mutually inclusive and completely averse to where Nigeria as a state should be.
    Lack of support for the citizenry means people have learnt to think of the state as its enemy, an oddity that they don’t want to do anything with. The State itself is confirming it. The State applies force and this serves as a reminder to the people why they are at the bottom of the pile. Government inadvertently show them why their country is uncaring and will not take up their challenges and resolve it.
    This is how the case of Kanu with Nigeria should be perceived. This is the way Nigeria has lost so many compatriots to foreign countries. Government does not understand how to coordinate the intelligence of its citizens who live up and down the country. They always think of force. They equip the army and paralyse the psyche of the citizens. We all know that democracy is designed to provide avenues for jaw jaw and not violence. This is why the world rejected authoritarianism. Value your citizens and show them you care. Then of course, you will gain respect from them. There should be no room for a do nothing government in the age of modern state system. I’m waiting to see the day when our leaders will talk one on one with the people. Buhari should have a chat with Kanu. They will discover they want the best for Nigeria. The army are roaring to go, as if this is a Boko Haram situation. It is not so. It is a case of neglect of people which is bouncing back on the Sstate.
    Kanu should be an opportunity for the Nigerian state to think about how they serve their people. Explore all avenues to make peace with the people. The army can avoid violence and explore avenues for making peace. Nigerian army should not forget that they exist to protect the people, not to kill them

  • Jon West

    The ship of the Lugardian Zoo piloted by the Dullard herdsman from Daura must be really sinking ,as the rats have started deserting. Dele Momodu, perennial groveller an always genuflecting before the powers that be , has finally seen the light. It appears that the very clever people like The Ota Ape and Maradona, who knew the great intellectual limitations of the Dullard from Daura , actually promoted him to the Presidency in order to out him and show his very low level intellect.

    He may yet end up at The Hague, and get the Sloboan Moilosevic treatment for promoting ethnic strife, genocide and other crimes against humanity. In typical fashion, the Ota Ape, grandfather of doublespeak and Afonjaic treachery , in addition to being the Grandfather of Corruption(apologies to BBCs Stephen Sakur), has cleverly dissociated himself from the Dullard , just a fay after claiming , on CNN, of not being disappointed by the performance of the herdsman at the Presidency. That is typical Ota Ape for you, always trying to use the disadvantages of his friends against them, from Murtala Mohammed, Maradona, Abacha, the White Bearded Thief of Minna, Yaradua, Jonthan and now the Dullard. That is the way of the Afonjas.

    However, kudos should still go to Dele Momodu, for seeing the bleak future of the APC and its herdsman President and jumping ship, before he is consumed by the coming fire from hell. Fate enabled the Dullard to ascend the Nigerian Presiency in 2015, in order to out him and finally end his hypocritical existence on earth ,in total isgrace. Nnamdi Kanu and his IPOB, are just tools , designed for the final unravelling of both the Dullard and the contraption of a country that Flora and her Lover Lugard bequeathed to the Negroes of the Lower Niger Area.

    • BB

      “Kudos to Dele” for displaying characteristics you describe as “the way of the Afonjas”. Nawa ooo

    • The Duke

      You are a master piece! WOW!!!

  • gohen

    Dear Dele, I had to read this twice to be sure it was written by you. I say well-done for this almost very balanced article. If you write on biased like this week in week out, I am sure nobody will be interested in calling you names. You wait and see the amount of commendation s you will receive from this article

    • Daniel Obior

      Lets see how long this will last. You can never trust Dele Momodu.

      • gohen

        My brother, I can’t believe Dele wrote this , like you said, let’s see how long this lasts

      • gohen

        You were right for the caution. Have you seen Dele’s article today?. Absolutely disgraceful

        • Daniel Obior

          Have seen it and it did not surprise me. You can’t trust someone like Dele Momodu.

  • anthony oguejiofor

    Thank you, Dele. I have had cause to criticize you in the past for your outbursts but today, you chose to be different and stand tall. Its not about the Igbos this time. Its about the future of this country and our citizenship. Kanu was an easy case to handle initially but Aso rock turned the case against Nigeria with gross incompetence and inability build consensus and inclusiveness in a plural society. Buhari’s leadership is fast becoming the worst side of our national history, aside the civil war. If I were Buhari, I would award Enugu- Onitsha expressway immediately and use the project as a propaganda tool to reach out to the people of the SE. While the road is under construction, you reach out to the aggrieved to find a common ground and through Presidential hand shake, you deal with such agitation. Buhari deployed soldiers cos he doesn’t have any ongoing project in the entire SE to harp on and his only option is to call on the boots.
    Meanwhile, your backpage today is thoughtful and without the usual sentiments.

  • Don Franco

    Dear Dele,

    I commend you for your wisdom and fortitude in this refreshingly well written op-ed, for not shrinking from the distemper of the present time. I am pleasantly surprised that you still have the capacity to speak truth to power; for the first time, in a long time, you will receive positive comments on this forum; l could have sworn that Shaka Momodu spat in2 your mouth, (excuse the Igbo pun).
    For the past 9 nine years the Nigerian military has vehemently denied credible evidence about blood curdling human rights abuses and genocide of unarmed, nonviolent civilians leveled against them by Amnesty International, but they have been outed this time around by fearless IPOB youth. I can’t see how Buhari and Buratai will not be indicted by the Hague.
    Dele, Buhari having ordered his jackboots to decimate IPOB has traveled to New York, to go address the UN on good governance, and extend the jurisdiction of his certificatelessness to the lobby of the United Nations; what perfidy! You forgot to remind him that there’s no hiding place from demonstrators whose relatives his soldiers has murdered in Abia State. I’m heartened by videos on YouTube showing how clueless leaders like Buhari and Rochas are constantly heckled and humiliated by demonstrators during their visits abroad.
    I know as a matter of personal interaction that Mr. Austin Ofomba has just concluded MOU for investment of $50 million in the Made-In-Aba shoes project, with Brazilian and US partners, it’s anybody’s guess what would happen to this project now that the whole world has seen how backward and inhuman our soldiers are, what foreign investor wants to put their money into a destination where genocide is hanging over the heads of its inhabitants like a Damoclean sword?
    The only positive outcome from this outrage by the Nigerian military is that more youth has been radicalized and will join IPOB in their thousands across the SE; and the agitation for secession will increase ten fold until Biafra is reborn in our lifetime.
    I congratulate you again, for a well-written piece, Bob Dee.

    • bigdaddy

      It is quite an irony that now that the shoe is on the other foot, people are quick to accept that indeed the Nigerian army indiscriminately kills civilians. When we were shouting that in its war against boko haram, the army employed a scorched earth policy wiping out entire communities in its efforts to get at the insurgents. The preponderance of opinion on this forum was that we were unfairly criticizing the army and we prayed that those remote from the theatre of war saying we were crying wolf should never ever experience what we went through. Alas, they have experienced a tip of the iceberg of how evil this army can be and in a bat of an eye everyone without hesitation agreed.
      The Nigerian army must, like most of our institutions, be reformed. The murderers amongst them most be fished out and justice served. Killing someone for pelting you stones is never justified.

      • Don Franco

        Dear BigDaddy, and Taiwo,

        It is a pitiful damn shame that you two can’t see the difference and distinction between Islamic fundamenetalist terror and nonviolent peaceful protest… since you’re in support of the genocide of unarmed nonviolent Biafran agitators; here’s 5 questions for you?
        1) Where was the Certificateless Buhari and his Army of jackboots when 450 Christians were killed in Southern Kaduna last Christmas eve, by Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association herdsmen?
        2) Where was the Daura Dullard and his soldiers when more than 830 Zoo combatants has been ambushed and killed by Boko Haram insurgents since 2015?
        3) Where was Buhari when the murderous Nigerian Air Force bombed an Internally Displaced Peoples camp in Borno State and incinerated over 200 defenceless women and children in April this year?
        4) Why do you think Buhari has completely reconfigured the Zoo armed forces and security architecture to be overwhelmingly northern in number and mindset?
        5) Do you know how marginalized VP Osinbajo is; in an Aso Rock imbued with Caliphate mentality, where all strategic decisions are made following prayers inside their mosque?
        Bob D may write what he like; l can assure that no amount of falsehood can immunize the Daura Dullard from the criticism of citizens of the Zoo; especially we, Igbos; that has borne the brunt of his xenophobic prejudice and subconscious bias in all its ramifications.
        I was born 6 years after the “Sokoto Dullard” ordered another jackboot named Maimalari to deploy to Ibadan and teach the Yoruba a lesson, following #OperationWetie; neither of them lived to tell it.
        You can continue to support the Certificateless One, your own turn is around the corner.

        • bigdaddy

          Its a pity you misconstrued my comment as support for the army or buhari. Read carefully again please.
          In a nutshell my point is that what the Nigerian army did by killing civilians who were not armed is the norm.and we here in the NE are not surprised. We were shouting ourselves hoarse about this but most people at the other end of this country said we were telling lies against the military. Read the rest of my comments again. I certainly did not write anything in support of the agressors.

          • Don Franco

            Dear BigDaddy,

            I stand corrected, only the first paragraph of my reply was directed at you; the rest is for Taiwo.
            I do share your sentiments.

          • bigdaddy