Power: Jos Transformer Fire Forces TCN to Supply Bauchi from Gombe


Chineme Okafor in Abuja

Following the outbreak of fire at a 1x150MVA 330/132/33kV power transformer in its Jos transmission substation, the Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN) has been forced to divert about 30 megawatts (MW) of electricity it usually supply to Bauchi from the Jos transmission substation to its Gombe substation from where it would now supply Bauchi, its General Manager, Public Affairs, Ndidi Mbah, has disclosed.

Mbah, said in a statement yesterday in Abuja, that the transformer which caught fire on Tuesday was completely destroyed, necessitating the diversion of electricity supply from there to Gombe, and then to Bauchi.

She however explained that the burnt transmission system did not affect supply to Jos metropolis and its environ, adding that it will be replaced soon while an investigation into its cause would be initiated.

“The TCN wishes to inform the general public that at about 16:45 hours, September 12, 2017, a 1x150MVA 330/132/33kV power transformer in its Jos transmission substation, caught fire and the inferno completely destroyed the power transformer. The fire was eventually put out at about 10p.m.

“The fire incident started on the secondary side of the transformer’s blue phase bushing, when a conductor snapped and caused oil to gush out of the bushing. This oil caused the fire to intensify engulfing the power transformer. TCN engineers in conjunction with the state fire service worked very hard to put out the fire, which unfortunately burnt down the power transformer,” Mbah, said in the statement.

According to her: “TCN engineers were able to successfully isolate the burning 150MVA, 330/132/33kV power transformer from other energised parts of the substation to prevent further escalation. As a result of the quick intervention, the second 1x150MVA, 330/132kV power transformer in the same transmission substation was saved.”

“As at 11p.m. the same day, TCN engineers successfully restored the 330kV Gombe transmission line and the second 150MVA, 330/132/33kV power transformer supplying distribution load centers in Jos simultaneously.

“To ensure there is no impact on the power supply to Jos, TCN has successfully diverted the 30MW normally supplied from Jos substation, Gombe substation now supplies 30MW to Bauchi. The incidence did not cause disruption of power supply to Jos and environs, “ she added.

Management, Mbah noted, “is intensifying effort to replace the burnt transformer. Equally investigation is being carried out to determine the immediate and remote cause of the incidence in order to forestall future occurrence. TCN regrets inconveniences caused electricity customers especially those in Jos and environs.”