Avon HMO Launches New Health Plans for Unserved Nigerians


Martins Ifijeh

In a bid to ensure quality and affordable healthcare coverage for Nigerians hitherto unserved by existing Health Insurance models, Avon HMO, a leading Health Management Company in Nigeria, has announced the introduction of new bouquet of health subscription plans.

Speaking on the launch of the new health insurance plans, the MD/CEO of Avon HMO, Adesimbo Ukiri, stated that introduction of the new health plans was informed by the absence of products tailored to meet the needs of Nigerians who do not fit into the traditional HMO target market of large companies and multinationals.

She said, “Since Avon HMO commenced operations about four years ago, we have been at the forefront of offering innovative packages that provide Nigerians with access to quality healthcare services. Our new plans provide options which address the needs of previously unserved consumers such as entrepreneurs, young adults, students, domestic staff, couples and families..

The plans include ‘Life Starter’, ‘Couples’ Plan’, ‘Life Plus’, ‘Premium Life’ and ‘The Boss Life’. She continued, “Avon HMO is synonymous with many firsts; and what we have done this time is to design a range of health plans that are specific in meeting healthcare needs at different phases of life. So, whether you are the parent of a young adult going off to the university or to NYSC, or a man and woman planning to get married and start a family, or even a homemaker looking for health plans for your domestic staff, Avon HMO has a plan just for you. There are also more exclusive health plans which cover extensive benefits and give access to select hospitals.”

Adesimbo stated, “Having a health plan with Avon HMO ensures that whenever you fall ill, suffer an accident or are diagnosed with a health condition, the HMO steps in to co-ordinate your care and pay the bills; ensuring and overseeing the delivery of quality healthcare services that will enable you to get better.”

Avon HMO is recognised for its initiatives in the Nigerian HMO sector. It was the first HMO in Nigeria to enter into the retail market segment, offering Nigerians the opportunity to subscribe and pay for a health plan on their phones. It is also the HMO with the largest following on social media and uses this as an active tool for enrollee engagement and feedback.

Added benefits on some of the new health plans include: travel immunisation, pre-marital medical tests, fertility investigations and more.