Oil Pipeline Surveillance Contract: Ex-Edo Militant Leader Debunks Allegation of Funds Diversion


Adibe Emenyonu in Benin City

Ex-militant leader, Henry Binidodogha (aka Egbema 1), has exonerated himself from the recent allegations of being party to the diversion of N250million oil pipelines surveillance contract fees.

The denial was sequel to a petition to President Muhammadu Buhari and the Economic and Financial Crime Commission (EFCC) by some aggrieved phase three ex-militants led by Godstime Ogidigba and Don Ben on behalf of others.

Addressing journalists in Benin-city, Edo State, on the allegations, Binidodogha challenged the petitioners to make public any agreement that connect him to them or to confirm that they worked with him.

He asserted that he has fully paid all those who worked with him on the project at Ologbo 1 and 2 to the extent that he had to give financial assistance to some others who were not in his team.

Binidodogha disclosed that he was actually awarded slots by Close Body Protection Limited.

The ex-militant leader disclosed that because the job did not run the full course of its planned duration, the sum that was initially earmarked for the project was slashed considerably by 30 percent (to Edo State comprising north, south and central senatorial zones) to the extent that after paying off interests accruing on bank loans (secured to do the contract), COT, taxes and other deductions what was left to be shared by the ex-militant leaders(including himself) was marginal.

“What we of the Ijaw extraction got and shared was about N130million. You can go and cross check,” adding that he judiciously shared the slots he got in compliance with directives.

He further stated that most of those making what he described as the wild allegations against him and the others actually played truancy throughout the duration of the contract. I