Jonathan Has No Intention of Hijacking  Party Structure in Bayelsa State, Says Group


By Adedayo Akinwale in Abuja

A group under the auspices of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) South-south League, yesterday said that former President Goodluck Jonathan had no intention of hijacking the party structure in Bayelsa State.

It said as concerned PDP members from the South-south region, it cannot fold its arms to watch anyone or group, malign the former president, hence it decision to speak up.

The group in a statement released in Abuja and signed by its Chairman, Mr. Ariolu Tebidapa  and Secretary, Mr. Akpan Ibibio, said it was disheartening that that those behind the ‘sponsored attempt’ at ridiculing the former president                   are people within the South-south region.

The group stated: “We have been observing for some time, a new trend of sponsored attempts aimed at reducing and ridiculing the tall image and personality of former President Jonathan. It is however, most unfortunate that those behind this, are people within the South-south region.

“It is obvious, that since after the supreme court judgment that laid to rest the leadership crisis that rocked the PDP, some persons within the party in the region, are still not settled due to the role they played, in spite of the fact that the party has granted amnesty to all those who worked against the interest of the party. These persons see the former president  as a threat, hence their reactions in trying to attack his personality.

“We have read in the dailies about some persons insinuating that the former president, intends hijacking party structure in Bayelsa State in order to actualise his presidential ambition. This however, sounds laughable as much as we see it as an attempt to redicule the former president. But for the sake of clarity, we need to state the obvious.

“Firstly, former President Jonathan is not contesting for the office of the president, even though he is well qualified constitutionally and by pedigree because he is still widely loved and accepted by Nigerians. However, the PDP has zoned its presidency to the northern part of Nigeria, so we wonder what these fifth columnist really want to achieve by selling falsehood.

“Secondly, how can a sane man insists that Jonathan wants to install the governor of Bayelsa State as to help him in perceived presidential election? Presidential election will be held January/February? 2019 while Bayelsa governorship election will be November/December 2019 and the governor will be inaugurated February 14, 2020. How can a governor that will be inaugurated in 2020 help Jonathan to win presidential election that will be conducted February 2019? Those who continue to tell lies against Jonathan, should know that Nigerians are watching them dance naked. As their credibility as leaders is being called to question.

“Thirdly, it is also not true that the former President is attempting to hijack the party structure in Bayelsa State. We consider this story as an imagination from those who are being chased by their shadow. As the leader of the party, how can he be interested in only one state when the party is preparing for elective congresses and National convention. If at all former President Jonathan is interested in anything, it should rather be who leads the party at the National level to push forward his vision for Nigeria,” the group added.