Like a Phoenix…Peter Obafemi Bounces Back


Peter Obafemi

One of the lessons from the Darwinian world is that the excellence of an organism’s nervous system helps determine its ability to sense change and adapt to it, thereby surviving or thriving even in the worst conditions.

In the same vein, Peter Obafemi’s knack for thinking on his feet and plying a visionary course may be described as suitable for the times. Indeed, like a phoenix, that mythical bird that rose from smouldering ashes, aviation investor and serial governorship contender in Ekiti State, Peter Obafemi, is back to the front burner of social discourse. In a matter of weeks, smooth-talking Obafemi’s new venture, the Eagle Airways, would commence operations across the country. According to a source close to Obafemi, Eagle Airways would operate passenger, cargo and chartered flight services from Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt while work is on-going to add other cities in Nigeria and West Africa. For the past three months, we gathered that the airline had been on an intensive recruitment drive and is all set to start flying.

His LinkedIn profile states that he is executive vice chairman at the Great Eagle Airways Limited. Before this rebound, the Uppsala University, Sweden, graduate of Humanities and Arts was the promoter of Ritetime Airways which partnership with World Airways tanked so badly it left many Nigerians stranded in the United States some years back. He practically disappeared into thin air when the heat threatened to consume him. He would return to make a failed bid for the Ekiti State governorship seat. Even after a second failed marriage, Obafemi remains a hot catch among society ladies.