Late Obiamaka Orakwe: Group Cries Out for Justice


Mary Ekah

The Committee of Friends For Humanity (COFFHA), an interest group for women, has described as dehumanising and disgusting the infamous rape incidents taking place among children in the recent times, the latest being the one that claimed the life of a young budding and intelligent girl of 14 years old, Obiamaka Ngozika Orakwe, who was violently raped by some young men to death.

COFFHA President, Mrs. Carol Ufere who lamented bitterly over the ugly incident, noted, “As parents particularly mothers we are alarmed by this development and we feel very sad and insecure. Government must ensure the safety of our children by providing adequate security in our communities.” She stressed that incidence of rape from studies continues to gain grounds worldwide because people pretend it does not exist, adding, “We tacitly accept the degradation of women while positing some behaviour of women as the root cause of rape. There is no denying anymore that rape is endemic to our culture and calls for a drastic approach for its eradication.”

Ufere who said this was a cry to government as a matter of urgency to put in place monitoring devices and surveillance on streets, added that government at all levels should find ways to gainfully engage the many of the youths loitering the streets. “Government must put in place and carry out punitive measures to deter other youths, no matter whose children they are, from such heinous crimes. We are using this medium to, particularly implore the Lagos State Government to add to their cap of many laurels, and help put an end to this ugly menace,” COFFHA President added.

COFFHA, Ufere said was not unaware of efforts of the state government through its Domestic Violence Department to protect women from all forms of gender-based violence. While lauding the government achievements so far, COFFHA however stressed the situation at hand calls for a review of existing efforts so as not to thwart the good intentions and great achievements of the state in this area. “We are pained to see that this menace is not abetting, rather it’s on the increase to the extent that a group of young boys will brazenly break into a home in broad daylight and commit such evil. As the famous saying goes, ‘The hottest places in hell are reserved for those who in time of moral crisis choose to remain neutral’. COFFHA will not remain neutral at a time like this. Our mission is to serve individuals and families in the poorest communities in the society, drawing strength from our individual diversities, resources and experiences,” the group noted further.

COFFHA is a charity, non-profit organisation created to provide humanitarian assistance in the society. The group has built its reputation over the years, on its ability to quickly respond to needs arising in the society wherever and however it can assist without discrimination on the ground of age, political or religious beliefs. Having been involved primarily with women and children among other things since its incorporation in January 1993, COFFHA has partnered with government in fighting molestation of women and children, bringing hope and social justice to the less-privileged so they can live in dignity and security.