Global Alignment: Starcom Media Changes to Media Seal


Raheem Akingbolu
Following the recent global alignment which informed the partnership between Troyka Group and Publicis, a leading media buying agency in Nigeria, Starcom Media has changed its name to Media Seal. The rebranding becomes necessary because of the global alignment between Starcom Media and Publicis, which has automatically made Starcom a member of Troyka group family.

In a statement issued by the Rosabel group on the authority of its Group Managing Director, Ayo Oluwatosin and made available to THISDAY, the decision to rebrand the company is part of a larger strategic goal aimed at repositioning the business for sustained market leadership in the unfolding new global play.

“Over the past 17 years, Starcom Media has become synonymous with delivering insight- driven strategies within the bounds of high ethical stands.
According to him, it is time to rebrand this winning team for greater efficiency and to take advantage of the market.

With the new arrangement, Media Seal would now work with clients in creating memorable consumer experience across diverse media platforms.
Oluwatosin explained that the Starcom team has a compelling pedigree in the industry which the new agency is set to take to another level with advanced technologies that unearth real consumer motivations. He added in the statement that over the years, the agency has won numerable awards from campaigns that have positively impacted clients’ business.