As you read, Peace Hyde, the dark and lovely British Ghanian TV Personalty and Media Entrepreneur, is singing the song of the merry woman and pliant maiden. Yes, Peace is in love and the object of her affection is none other but a silver spoon kid who runs the family media company. Nobody knows where or how they got together but the lovebirds are currently painting the town red with their love.

They look inseparable as they attend events together not too long ago. Apparently, the tall and fair-hued dude is also madly in love with Peace. Like a goal bound fox-in-the-box, the young dude made dazzling runs into the TV gal’s penalty area and laced a volley that pirouetted into her heart as cupid’s bow settles amid the ventricles of the enamored. According to Peace who opened all recently, “there is nothing wrong with people getting married early providing they have taken the time to know each other and are making an informed decision based purely on love and mutual respect for one another instead of societal or peer pressure. That is what I am against. I believe I will get married when God deems it the right time’. The fair-skinned dude has perfected the art of stunning his conquests until they clamour for an encore.

It is not surprising therefore, that he has added Peace to his list of conquests. However, like all conquests, Peace is desperate to retain the love of the self-styled Adonis and ladies’ man. And he may have no other alternative but keep his love for her intact. That is because, unlike all his other conquests, she possesses the bragging rights to his affection.

The lovebirds are always in each other’s arms, bucking and clawing like no man’s business and without fuss shutting the world out of their piping hot affair. But pray, if all works out according to their plans, the weddings bells will chime in the lives of the duo next year.