Elfreeda Plans Big for the Homeless


The official unveiling of a frontline initiative, Elfreeda Foundation has brought the world to her feet for what it is set to achieve. With the target to create a general rehabilitation to homeless women and children in the society is on its own a noble gesture to tackle humanities’ major obstacle to decent living. AMBY UNEZE captures the event

Nature has a very unique way of bringing a man’s genuine effort to fruition, especially when such are geared towards uplifting humanity. It was indeed a divine design that Owerri, capital of Imo State experience an uncommon clement weather which has largely eluded the area this month. Therefore, it was under this fine weather that guests gathered at the Imo State Trade and Investment Complex along new Owerri city.

It woud have been a sore point to have an inclement weather blight the painstaking preparations that preceded the official opening of Elfreeda Foundation, a basic need initiative of the first daughter of the governor of Imo State, Mrs. Uloma Rochas-Nwosu and the wife of the Chief of Staff, Government House, Owerri, Chief Uche Nwosu.

The Foundation which is meant for the provision of shelter to homeless women and children in the society captured the eyes and ears of the people as all the major streets of the state capital were adorned with billboards, creating the desired awareness that something good had come to the state.

Since the world has become a global village coupled with the spaces given to the unveiling of the Foundation on the Cable Network News (CNN) and other national and international media channels in print and the electronic media, there was no doubt that the foundation was indeed a world class facility to set an agenda for humanity.

More so, the electrifying presence of the wife of the Vice President, Her Excellency, Mrs. Dolapo Osinbajo as the Chief Guest of Honour and the Mother of the Day who also performed the unveiling ceremony was a delight to behold. The simplicity of the acting President’s wife depicted the mien of a compassionate mother who actually wanted to see the less privileged in the society elevated to the next level of comfort. Her candour made the event conducive for both the high and low that graced it.
While food and drinks were enough for guests, entertainers notably the Nollywood artistes, musicians and fashion designers featured prominently in the fun-packed event, all in honour of the less privileged in the society as the occasion was staged to give them a sense of belonging.

Mrs. Osibanjo while unveiling the Foundation harped on an important factor. “Our nation needs love now more than anything else. I, therefore, encourage the people of Imo State to show example of this love which I see in them to the rest of the country. This is not my first time in Imo State and each time I come I see peace everywhere. This state is like a house full of many people and I say to this house, peace be upon it”.

She added, “Love never fails, I have a request that is deeply rooted in the Bible, love your neighbour as you love yourself. It is a selfish request because it entails loving everybody irrespective of religion or tribe. And this is what Nigerians should be doing now”. She remarked “It is a great joy to be in this beautiful hall and to see all the great talents that are here. I could only imagine that Elfreeda Foundation was a dream, but now, it has become a reality.
The hand of the Lord is very strong to make dreams come true. I am not surprised at what I see today and all I can whisper is I’m so proud of you my junior sister and daughter, Uloma.

“I know the parents of Mrs. Nwosu who themselves are deeply involved in humanitarian organizations that have been helping the less privileged in the society, so I am not surprised that their first daughter has also followed in their footsteps,” she stated, adding that this act of generosity should also be passed on to their next generation.
With exceeding excitement, Governor Rochas Okorocha described Mrs. Osibanjo as a mother whose love knows no bound irrespective of class, religion or tribe.

According to him, “just recently, the First Ladies of Nigeria were gathered in Imo State including the wife of Mr. President, Hajia Aisha Buhari to attend my wife’s August Meeting. Today again, the wife of the Vice President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Mrs. Dolapo Osibanjo is here, we are really grateful”.

Okorocha while eulogizing the virtues of the Vice President, described President Muhammadu Buahri as a lucky person for having Prof. Yemi Osinbajo as his vice.

He however, opened up on his relation with his children over the years, saying “Over the years of my struggles in life, I have not so much been at home or stayed with my children for long, but we have always been there to impart the necessary discipline in our children. Today, Uloma, you have made us proud”.

Expressing joy at having her first public presentation, the founder of the Foundation Mrs. Uloma Nwosu disclosed that the purpose of the foundation was primarily to provide temporary shelter for homeless women and children as well as provide them with clothing and food, adding “the foundation is to help the less-privileged, and not to dramatize wealth but the dramatization of concern for the widows, orphans, disabled and others in the society”.

According to her, “we already have a 100-bed facility where homeless women and children are welcome to stay, for at least, for a maximum of 30 days. We also have a counselling centre, food bank and thrift store to enable us to adequately care for the people”.

She said, “as a child, I was always deeply saddened when I saw homeless people on the streets. It was difficult to imagine how hard the life of these women and children must have been without food and shelter. From that moment, I realized that the essence of life is devoting yourself to loving others.

“At Elfreeda Foundation, we strongly believe that every human being deserves access to food, clean drinking water, clothing and shelter. Our aim is to help them build stable and independent lives for themselves and their families”, she stated.
The Governor’s wife, Ugo Nneoma Nkechi Okorocha stated with optimism her delight and success at the ceremony. She added that the only way the society could be better was to show love to one another, even as she noted “it is our prayer that one’s child will succeed him/her that is what Uloma’s action today depicts.”