Olu Okeowo Globetrots


Olu Okeowo,  a property merchant and philanthropist, is one of the successful men living their lives to the hilt.

Wealthy and influential, he has always dazzled his competitors and delighted his admirers.  No doubt, his success story is such that will make anyone green with envy. He works hard for his money,  so he spares nothing to spoil himself with the good things of life.

Spyglass gathered that  the dark-skinned businessman has been globetrotting, it was revealed that he has touched many countries around Europe and South America. But if you think he is globetrotting for the fun of it, you better have a rethink.  The property merchant is busy attending to his many businesses around the world, having business and board meetings.

We also learnt that Okeowo is coming home with a new business idea that would shake the country’s business climate to its very foundation.

The shrewd businessman, who is unarguably one of the best property merchants in Nigeria, has been around for sometime. He is known for a number of imposing properties  scattered around the country.

 Today,  Okeowo has become a reference point in the nation’s property sector.