Africa’s First Digital Content Distribution Platform Debuts


Emma Okonji, an online marketing and media content distribution platform has been launched in Lagos. Through the platform, individual and corporate organisations in need of public relations and other marketing services can customise required service to suit their budget plans.

It provides access to hundreds of newspapers and online news publishing platforms across Africa. Companies and individuals looking to distribute press materials such as press releases, news features, interviews and photo news, can create the contents and distribute through the platform by paying a fee depending on the number of media platforms required.

Users can also, through the website,, buy other marketing services such as digital marketing solutions including social media, advertising services, content writing and consultancy services.

Speaking about the solution, Co-founder,, Afam Anyika said: “Our intention is to make sure that we deepen access to marketing services and at the same time make the process as seamless as possible.

“Through our solution, companies and individuals especially those without an idea on how to start, could get everything that they require from the platform without leaving the comfort of their homes or business places.

“For startups and individuals looking to get their word out there, there is dearth of marketing information available to make informed marketing decisions. That is the gap we have bridged with We understand the deep importance of SME’s to the nation and Africa’s economic growth.”

“Put side by side the scarcely available marketing know-how for these businesses, our service aims to bridge the divide with a mission to significantly scale the SME sector in our part of the world, with success being the direct impact on varying economic/ market indicators,” he said.