Ohuabunwa: We Won’t give up on Quest for Restructuring


By Emmanuel Ugwu in Umuahia

Senator Mao Ohuabunwa has vowed that pro-restructuring Lawmakers in the National Assembly would not abandon the struggle for total restructuring of the Nigerian polity despite the setback already suffered during the constitutional amendment vote.

Speaking with journalists in Umuahia, Ohuabunwa who represents Abia North senatorial district, said that it was regrettable that majority of federal lawmakers had voted against devolution of powers to the states.

He attributed the shooting down of power devolution to the “misunderstanding” of the concept restructuring and true federalism by some individuals and groups, adding that devolution of power was just an aspect of restructuring as being canvassed.

“What we want is total restructuring,” he said, adding that there was need to further engage in dialogue and full explanation of the need to restructure the present political setup which had become anachronistic.

Ohuabunwa noted that the political structure in place now was a product of military rule which operated on unitary system of government and having come out of that era there was no way a democratic system of government could work effectively with the unitary structure.

“Now that we have democracy we should use democratic structure,” he said.

According to him, the suitable structure was not far-fetched as the founding fathers of the Nigerian nation had in their wisdom laid down the suitable structure in the first republic hence the present crop of political leaders should go back and adopt the original structures of true federalism.

The Abia North Senator, who inaugurated the local government and clan coordinators of Follow Better Organisation (FBO), his campaign platform which has transformed into a non-governmental organisation, said that it was his intention to use the NGO to improve the lives of his constituents.

He said that he was ready to consistently partner with his constituents to bring dividends of democracy to them and improve on their lives even though the primary function of lawmakers is to make laws.

Ohuabunwa who fought several battles both at the ballot and law courts to secure his mandate, assured his constituents that he would continue to represent them well, citing three important bills he has sponsored that would have positive impact on the people. Some of the bills include the Cancer research and treatment bill, Agriculture credit scheme.

In his remarks the immediate past secretary to Abia State government (SSG) Dr. Eme Okoro said that Abia North should “think, plan and act” in readiness for the 2019 general election to ensure that the zone

He explained that Follow Better Organisation needed to be expanded to bring the organisation to the lowest level of the polity because power emanates from the grassroots.

“The organisation must grow; we must expand the scope of friendship,” he said.