Ending Presidency, N’Assembly Feud


The complex rivalry between the executive and legislature has gone on for too long and indeed, becoming a child’s play taken rather too far. Neither of the two arms of government needs to be told that the lingering disagreement between the both of them is unhealthy for the nation at this time especially, and should be halted forthwith.

Wait a minute, what is the crisis about? About powers of appropriation and oversight? Aren’t both arms part of the same government? What is difficult in understanding their respective roles as defined by the constitution and extant rules and playing according to rules?

If the executive and the legislature are unable to partner on simple issues of budget and confirmation of nominees without flexing muscles or calling each other out, how can they cooperate on matters of governance and development in the overall interest of the citizenry? It is time to cut the crap and move the nation forward. Two years without significant achievements is enough to trigger productive reflection on all sides.