Coerver Coaching Course Ends in Lagos


The three-day professional development course delivered by Coerver Coaching Netherlands ended today in Lagos.

The course facilitated by Search and Groom Youth for Development Centre, had 80 young coaches from schools, churches and academies from both Lagos and Abuja go through an intensive football coaching courses in youth football development.

Instructors from Coerver Coaching Netherlannd used the last two days to drill the participants in both theory and practical sessions at the Lagos Preparatory School, Ikoyi, while the final day availed the participants the opportunity to put into practice what they learnt through the use of school children to create a game time situation to test their assimilation and evaluate their understanding of the course.

One of the instructors who is the CEO and Technical Director of Coerver Coaching Netherlands, Rainel Woerdings, said he was impressed by the enthusiasm of the participants to learn.

“The participants showed enthusiasm to learn which was evident in the kind of questions they asked. Wednesday was used to know those among them that will do well in coaching as they put to use what they have learnt with the children during the practical session,” stressed the coordinator.

The youth football coaching diploma 1 course which began on Monday was tailored to take care of players between ages 7-16 years.