Sage One Launches Products for SMEs  in Nigeria


Sage One, a technology company that deals in integrated accounting, payroll and human resources and payment systems has announced the presence of its payroll and invoicing solutions in Nigeria.

According to the company, its new offerings, targeted at budding businesses would support the small and medium enterprises to run their businesses conveniently without any barriers.

Explaining the initiative, Regional Director for Sage in West Africa, Magnus Nmonwu, said Sage One payroll seamlessly integrated with Sage One Accounting, offered  a complete business solution for start-up and small businesses while the  invoicing was an entry-level version of Sage One Accounting that made it easy for sole traders, self-employed consultants and other micro-business owners to produce professional quotes and invoices.

Nmonwu  added, “We aim to make tasks such as administration  and red tape invisible by 2020 so that businesses of all sizes can focus on their business strategy, their customers and following their dreams. This is why we place a huge emphasis on automating those tasks that business builders enjoy the least.”

Explaining the technology further, he said, “Sage One Payroll is a smart online payroll solution that can be accessed 24/7 and caters for local tax and legal requirements. It allows unlimited earnings (owed to employees) and deductions (what the employee owes). The software makes it easy to calculate employees’ net salaries or wages, as well as deductions such as Pay-as-You-Earn (PAYE) and contributions to National Housing Fund (NHF), National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS), pension and life insurance.

“For as little as NGN 600 for two employees per month, it streamlines the capturing of transactions, automates payroll calculations and brings visibility to the business. It also makes its simpler to keep track of annual changes to tax regulations that impact on payroll tax calculations.

“Sage One Invoicing enables sole traders and micro-business owners to quote and invoice on-the-go from their PC or mobile device, as long as they have access to an Internet connection, from only NGN 27,840 a year and NGN 2,900 a month. Customers don’t need accounting software training or financial experience to use the software.

“Business builders can save hours of paperwork each month, so they don’t spend their weekends compiling invoices, issuing quotes or doing reconciliation. When a business outgrows Sage One Invoicing, it can easily upgrade to Sage One Accounting — the complete Sage solution for small businesses that require more accounting, cash flow management and business insights.”