Dickson wants Nigeria Overhauled, Calls for State Appeal, Supreme Court


By Emmanuel Addeh in Yenagoa

Governor Seriake Dickson of Bayelsa State on Friday reiterated his call for a return to a truly federal state where all the current distortions in the way the country was organised would be addressed.

He also advocated that State should have their Appeal and Supreme courts, pointing out that the judiciary was a part of the federal structure that should be tinkered with to suit and address the needs of the federating units. 

The governor who spoke during an interview, noted that restructuring would minimise the several agitations currently threatening to tear Nigeria apart.

He added that because of the anxiety generated by the word “restructuring”, a Committee by whatever name could be set up to distil the several reports that had been generated in the past. 

“That is the very essence of the call for some kind of meeting of minds of Nigerians to reorganise, because a lot of people have issues with the word restructuring. We have to cool the heat because nobody will benefit from war or crisis or violence,” he said.