Kodjo Williams Now Born-Again


Kodjo Williams

Life is interesting. More often than not, it sets a stout heart to a steep hillside. Many a victim of its inclement storms have been known to flail and flounder till an agonising end but tow the path of champion gladiators. Eventually they surmount whatever hardships life throws their way. Is Kodjo Williams one of such champions? Time would tell. Until then, Anthony Kodjo Williams is a quiet man now.

The athletic dude hardly goes out these days, thus denying not a few beauties the luxury of his attractive and commanding presence at social events.

The lovable son of late Chief Sebastian Williams, Head of National Sports Commission, was a toast of many football lovers in his heydays at Masters Sports in the 90s. His incisive analysis and constructive criticism of the ineptitude of Nigerian football ruling body, NFA, endeared him to many. No wonder his appointment much later as NFA chairman was greeted with rapturous applause by all and sundry. But he left pretty soon.

News is Kodjo is now a born-again Christian. Now that he is born-again, he has decided to desert his familiar ways. He now has a Christian fellowship centre in his Ikoyi home. How time changes. But back when he was still in the world, Kodjo was indeed a society reporter’s delight. Before his epiphany with God, he managed to live life to the fullest. He partied as hard as anybody could. However, today, he has become born-again.