Still Nifty at Fifty…Goddess of Highlife, Nkiru Anumudu, Hits the Golden Age


Although she has every reason to shake her garment like the branches of the teak in spring and let her joy glow like the fireflies that light up the fields and quiet meadows, but the top socialite and fashionista of note decided to shun grandiose celebration and observe her 50th birthday some days ago in a low key fashion.For a woman who is regarded as one of high society’s queens, an enduring and endearing fixture on the social scene for the past almost two decades, and one of the top names that readily come to mind when preparing the guest list for a high octane soiree, it aroused series of questions when the very fashionable Nkiru Anumudu clocked 50 and there was no celebration to herald it. Unlike Nkiru who doesn’t wait for such landmarks before calling people together for a whale of a time, her 50th birthday went uncelebrated. Not even a dinner was organised by Willy, her auto magnate husband.

The posers have been unrelenting. Sources say Nkiru decided against a party this time perhaps because of the Ramaddan season. However, those who know her are swearing by her social profile that the hazel-eyed, hat-loving beauty might have some aces up her sleeves, especially this weekend. Fingers are still crossed.