Abuja’s Private Atelier Showcases Luxury


Vanessa Obioha

The city of Abuja recently welcomed the world-renowned luxury Italian brand Alter Ego Private Atelier as it opened its first African showroom.

Known for its elegant finesse, Alter Ego gives the ultimate response to such sophisticated inquiry by keeping the client at the centre of its world.

For the CEO, Julia Lantieri who is familiar to lifestyle needs, this response to VIP solutions includes top-of-the-range expertise in interior design, decoration and exclusive travel access. Having been involved with VIP clients since 2003, she explained further that this fusion of ideas had crystallised into premium offerings that included an array of Italian-made luxury items forged by the country’s finest craftsmen.

For discerning clients, one luxury good that can be purchased is the Alchymia wall-art and interior designs which exudes bright and opulent framing with a generous use of silver and golden leaf, fine woods, extraordinary reliefs and ornaments.

“The Alchymia brand is the icon of Italian art and design. Most Alchymia art pieces are handmade exclusively upon request and each item is marked with progressive number to secure its authenticity. It is possible to customise or design a completely bespoke interior product in sophisticated and glamorous Alchymia style,” she suggested.

Apart from Alchymia’s interior art design offerings, travelers seeking that exclusive touch can also purchase art cases at the Alter Ego Milano luggage line up. According to Lantieri, travelling is also an art that took shape in its cases formed from leather, steel and an attention to detail. Such tailor-made designs describe a lot about the owner’s persona and the meticulous combination of varied elements produced the ultimate travelling companion.

Lantieri further pointed out that, “It’s where art embraces science and high quality engineering fuses with Italian chic. Just the way fine champagne is born from water and grapes. This is a genuine one-of-a-kind brand for luxury travelers seeking a way to reflect their travelling selves.”

Apart from a fetish from research and development in its Alter Ego Milano collection, the case comprises three levels based on the customisation grade. These include male, female and unisex. Also, the core of the Alter Ego Milano lines is that potential customers can select from eight bespoke lines made of calf skin, and five other lines made from crocodile leather.
There is also Alter Ego Evolution, a customizable line with a series of predefined optional amenities: Alter Ego Original line which is the base for Alter Ego Evolution items with extra choices of leather, stones and woods, and the Alter Ego Revolution which is fully created, designed and equipped on a special client request.

Lantieri said the interplay of elements always ensures expectations are exceeded at post-production of these custom pieces. This trait will also be common to items on display at its Alter Ego Private Atelier Abuja showroom located on Rachel Court, Gaduwa, Gudu District.
In the area of personified luxury, clients can also order its interior decorations, which have benefited from its emphasis on exclusivity. In the saturated interior design sector, Lantieri said Alter Ego Private Atelier differed from others as its culture of making clients joint-creators in the production process consistently transmitted the eternal values of beauty, style and elegance into home-life aesthetics.