SINAICO Ltd Appoints Nonye Ojiaka as Executive Director


SINAI Collateral Ltd, a member of JKPEEZ Group has announced the appointment of Ms Nonye Ojiaka as its Executive Director.

Prior to her elevation weekend, Ms. Ojiaka led Change Management at the Company where she was responsible for developing strategies for the smooth implementation of the Company’s Transformation Initiatives and Marketing/ Business Development of the products across the country.

Founder and chairman of Sinai Collateral Ltd (SINAICO), Chief Peter  Ojiaka, who broke the news said: “After a rigorous search and selection process by the Board of Directors, we are pleased to announce Nonye Ojiaka’s appointment and to welcome her on board SINAICO”.

According to him, the appointee “brings a valuable blend of experience to the organisation and we are pleased having her in the Board as we hope to see her forge ahead towards the attainment of our goals.”

Two years ago, SINAICO has blazed the trail when it partnered ARDENT WORLD INC. (AWI) based in the Philippines which is a fast-rising name in the skincare and beauty industry. AWI is part of a group of companies engaged in Personal Care Services and Retail Vanity Products all over the world.

Reacting to her appointment, Ms Ojiaka said: “These are exciting times for SINAICO and I am very delighted to join the board in this role. Our philosophy is to develop reasonably priced, premium quality products wherein you can See and Feel the results.

“We specialise in beauty and natural product which is our Moringa line of products which helps in skin repair and rejuvenation. Also, we have herbal hair products which help in hair growth so our company is the sole distributor of AWI products in the entire Africa.

Elaborating on the company’s brands she said: “The Gluta-C skincare product line has gained loyal customers and firm converts through the years because of its effective delivery of safe skin whitening with the combined powers of Glutathione and Vitamin C.

“The Gluta-C Intense Whitening line features a wide range of products that not only intensely whitens the skin, but also softens and smoothens the skin without the greasy feel.  Also, the Gluta-C line provides oil control and minimises fine lines, wrinkles and pores. It also protects the skin against environmental elements that can cause it to look dull and unhealthy”.

According to her, Moringa-O² which is another product distributed by the company is a powerful blend of Malunggay, Olive Oil and Omega (from Sunflower Oil) for hair and skin care adding that Moringa-O² Hair Care helps repair and nourish the scalp for beautiful, shiny and healthy hair while the Moringa-O² Skin Care gently cleanses, protects, and smoothens the skin.

Moringa-O² Herbal Shampoo she pointed out brings together nature’s powerful multivitamins and Argan oil, which are very rich in anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals including Vitamins A, C, D, E, B-complex, essential fatty acids Omega 6 and 9, calcium and other minerals.

Ms Orjiaka, is a trained economist with many years of experience in organisational transformation , business management and strategic communication. She has a B.Sc in Political Economy at Lakehead University, Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada.

On her vision for the company, she said: “My dream is to build one of the biggest cosmetics company in Nigeria, I want our products to be in every home and all beauty stand. I want everyone to be confident using our products.  I want everyone to know what hydroquinone does to the body; that it damages the skin and causes black knuckles and it gives black lips and some burns as well. People need to be enlightened about the dangers of hydroquinone and that is part of my vision to enlighten the public.”

On what makes SINAICO products unique, she revealed that they are hydroquinone free and dermatologist tested. “Our Gluta C is the only product in the market that has Glutathione and Vitamin C, it is the only product that has the ability for skin repair and rejuvenation.  Also we normally conduct seminars for the distributors and members of the public on our products and how to take care of their skin”.

Besides, she said that her company is happy telling the people to have confidence in their skin complexion and desist from bleaching, because bleaching is dangerous and damages the skin.

She further hinted that SINAICO would go into local manufacturing of the product in the country in the near future adding that “We have actually acquired a land where we intend to build our factory and ensure local content. We desire to create employment and use the local materials we have in the country instead of importing products which cost us a huge amount.

“We desire to create a world class cosmetics company in the country at an affordable rate, so we urge the federal government to improve on power supply which will in turn help manufacturers in the country.

Sinai ltd is the sole accredited dealer of all Gluta-C and Moringa-O² products in Nigeria with a goal to provide consumers with the highest quality products by assuring the performance, consistency, safety and value of all our products.