Adamawa Alerts on Fresh Boko Haram Tactics


By Onyebuchi Ezigbo in Abuja

The Adamawa State Government has revealed the new strategy being adopted by Boko Haram terrorists to trap  large number of innocent victims.

The state Commissioner for Information, Mr. Ahmad I. Sajoh, who spoke with journalists in Abuja at the weekend on the sinister moves by the terrorists, said suicide bombers now pretend to be  suffering from epilepsy or someone with serious pain in order to attract people before detonating their explosive device.

“We are also aware that the terrorists now have another tactics which is that they will come to a place where people are gathered and begin to pretend as if they are epileptics or having severe stomach pain, and once people gatner to assist them they will detonate the bomb,” he said.

While narrating how the terrorists were able to detonate a bomb which killed two children last week, the commissioner said: “What happened last week was very simple, a man was driving a vehicle and he stopped somewhere he saw some children playing, he gave them a parcel to take to their parents but unfortunate for these kids and fortunate for the parents, it was suppose to be a timed bomb but children being children continued playing and did not immediately take the parcel to their parents.

“And by the time they took the parcel to take it to their parents, the bomb exploded and two of the children, age eight and seven died immediately, while three others were injured.”

Speaking on the efforts being made by the authorities in the state to counter the terrorists’ plans,  Sajoh said: “We have now understood and going on advocacy to the parents to tell their children not to collect something from people they don’t know.”

“So, we are also doing advocacy to tell people not to fall for such tactics. We have had it in the past, the first bomb blast in Yola was engineered like a street fight. Two people were fighting and people gathered to watch the fight and they detonated the bomb.

“The second one, they went to a tipper garage where labourers were buying food, tbey declared the food free of charge, paid the woman and started giving people N500 gift, then people rushed down and gathered and then tbey detonated the bomb.” he said