Troops Repel SuspectedBoko Haram Terrorists in Major Attempted Siege on Maiduguri


Michael Olugbode in Maiduguri

Federal troops yesterday scored a major battle victory as it successfully repelled scores of suspected Boko Haram terrorists who made a major attempt to lay seige and take control of Maiduguri, the capital of Borno State last night
The attempted siege on part of the town which lasted for about two hours, between 5 and 7 pm, led to apprehension as some residents on the outskirts were cut off from other parts of the town.

In a merciless operation, Nigerian troops have neutralized Boko Haram gunmen who attempted to attack Jiddari Polo community in Maiduguri, the Borno State capital.

Announcing the elimination of armed terrorists, the Army Spokesperson, Brigadier Sani Kukasheka Usman said: “there was an attempt by a few suspected Boko Haram to attack Jiddari Polo and all have been neutralized. Situation cool and calm.”

Residents of the area who had planned to flee their homes were reassured with rapid response of Nigerian troops.

There is heavy security presence as the residents of the community were not to panic as the situation is under control
Many residents of the town were made to stay indoors as bullets flew on the streets of Jiddari Polo, an area at the outskirts of the troubled town, the birthplace of Boko Haram.

A resident of Jiddari Polo, Asabe Mamza who spoke to our correspondent at about 8pm said: “Gunshots flew everywhere, and all of us are still in panic.”

She said: “It is hard to know the number of casualties now. But all I can tell you is that the insurgents tried to gain entrance into Maiduguri and they were engaged by the military for about two hours.”

She added that “they (insurgents) fled back when the military craft came hovering over the area.”
Mamza said: “The situation was really sad as you can still see bullets all over the streets.”

The attack made some residents of Jiddari Polo to flee into other parts of Maiduguri as they fear they might be caught in the crossfire.
One of those that fled the area, Solomon David who spoke to our correspondent on phone said: “I just had to run from my house when the gunshots seems to be coming closer.”

He added that: “Definitely I am not returning home tonight, I will have to sleep in our church premises within Maiduguri.”
Confirming the attack, the Deputy Director Army Public Relations 7 Division, headquarters in Maiduguri, Lt. Col. Kingsley Samuel, in a press statement, asked that the residents of the town should not panic.

He said: “The situation in Maiduguri is under control. The general public is requested not to panic and stay calm.”
Wednesday attack is the first in recent time that Maiduguri would be coming under siege of the Boko Haram terrorists though there have been incidence of suicide attacks in the last couple of months.