Law Firm Faults Use of ‘Connivance’ in Publication


The law firm of Kusamotu & Kusamotu, has faulted the use of the word ‘connivance’ by another law firm, Templars Solicitors, in a THISDAY publication of January 31, 2017.

In a protest letter addressed to THISDAY on the alleged indebtedness of Emerald Energy Resources Limited to China Export Credit Insurance Corporation to the tune of $45,730,697.57, the law firm which acts as solicitors and legal representatives to China Export Credit Insurance Corporation, argued that the word ‘connivance’ in law means ‘corrupt’ or ‘guilty assent to wrongdoing.’

Kusamotu & Kusamotu pointed out that in the said publication, Templars Solicitors was quoted as saying in a protest letter sent to THISDAY that “the offensive materials were published against its clients with the active connivance of a firm of legal practitioners, Kusamotu & Kusamotu, which acted for China Export and Credit Insurance.”

According to the firm, the words used in the publication are highly libelous, defamatory and occasioned grave injury and damage to its office in the lawful discharge of its client’s instructions.

The firm revealed that its client had instituted legal proceedings in claim number: CL-2017-000150 against Emerald Energy in the High Court of England for the $45 million debt.