Canon Deploys new Cameras to Aid Productions in Nollywood


Canon Central and North Africa, a global leader in imaging solutions, recently officially launched their EOS cinema range and EOS movie range of products into the Nigerian market. Canon intends to invigorate the Nigerian film, photographic and cinematographic scene with her new line 

of products. 

The line-up of cameras, which includes the 5D Mark IV, C100 MK II, C300 MK II, XC15 and more, were‎ showcased for the attendees who got an opportunity to test and purchase the products at a discounted price. 

At the unveiling, Canon’s top executives discussed in detail the depth of the quality of the new line of cameras and displayed short movies which ‎gave guests a look into the quality of the cameras. 

Some motion pictures directors were also on board to discuss their experiences with the Canon cameras and how efficient and effective it would be in the production of good quality cinema works. 

The President Buhari’s Personal Photographer, Bayo Omoboriowo and other top photographers were present at the event, which celebrated photography.