DSS Invades THISDAY Editorial Board Member’s Office over Report on Sexualisation on School Kids


Chiemelie Ezeobi
The office of the editorial board member of THISDAY Newspapers, Sonnie Ekwowusi, was at the weekend invaded by operatives of the Department of State Services (DSS), over a ‘Pro-Life, Pro-Family conference’ he is involved in, as well as a report condemning the sexualisation of school children in Nigeria.

 After the invasion, Ekwowusi was invited to the DSS office in Shangisha, Lagos, yesterday for a follow-up interview.

 Narrating his ordeal, he said: “Last Friday, the DSS invaded my office over a pro-life, pro-family conference I am involved in. They said they wanted to find out if the conference was registered.

 “They invited me to their office yesterday. Recently, I wrote a series of articles condemning the sexualisation of school children in Nigeria.
“I guess the articles must have ruffled some feathers in high quarters. We will continue to pray for our country, Nigeria.”

 On the allegations by the DSS, Ekwowusi said: “I got a call from one Peter asking me to come over to the DSS office at Shangisha in Lagos. When I told them I could’t make it, they sent some operatives to my office.
“They ransacked it and made away with some files. So yesterday, I went to their office and met the same Peter who told me he was dashing to somewhere and would have to re-invite me.

 “What are the functions of the DSS? Can they dabble into conference matters? What has national security got to do with women’s rights which is what we are championing?

 “From what I gathered from sources, a group of women petitioned the DSS about our forthcoming Pro-Life, Pro-Family conference, claiming that what we stand for is against their interest.

 “Meanwhile, what our conference stands for is championing women and child’s rights. We have held it for five years and this year, it will take place at NIA, Victoria Island, Lagos.

 “We have the conference in partnership with the Lagos State Government and the state House of Assembly. Our past conferences have helped the government to make laws on domestic violence.”