Obasanjo’s Wife or a Prophetess of Doom?


The fright that characters from a gothic nightmare inspire has nothing on the occasional emergence in public of Taiwo, one of the estranged wives of former President Olusegun Obasanjo. She sends shivers down many spines. Ask ‘Baba’. Like a woman eternally scorned, the fiery and feisty woman who has never missed an opportunity to roughen up ‘Baba’ at the slightest nudge, not even provocation, has predicted (or is it prophesied) that if the proposed wedding between her son and the daughter of Kessington Adebutu went ahead, there would be serious consequences. Obasanjo and Adebutu, the multi billionaire owner of Premier Lotto, are two of Ogun State’s foremost sons. Their children are preparing to get married but the groom’s mother is kicking up blinding dust.

In a letter sent to the Methodist Church of Nigeria, the groom’s mother stated that if the wedding, fixed for May 11 and 13 holds, it would be heralded by plane crashes, fire incidents, multiple road accidents, tankers and trailer killing people; cancers, diseases of kidney, liver, prostrate, eyes issues and more. According to her, “The two dates were chosen and compelled by Satan for them to lure unsuspecting numerous souls to a banquet of death that will result in strange holocaust in our nation. After the wedding, you will be hearing and seeing incidents of plane crashes, fire incidents, multiple road accidents, tankers and trailer killing people, cancers, diseases of kidney, liver, prostrate, eyes issues and diverse health problem causing strange death in people and the economy situation will worsen.”

She revealed that she is not against the wedding but only want the date postponed until after her son’s birthday. “I am not against the wedding, all I am relentlessly pleading is for a shift in the date and they turned against me. Even on the 11th and 13th of May, they are planning to assassinate me or keep me in police custody from 10th – 14th May 2017, when they would have completed the devilish wedding ceremony. Sir, is this a wedding ceremony or a clever, premeditated, devilishly calculated scheme to sacrifice thousands of souls as they come to the feast of death, ostensibly announced as wedding ceremony? I am alive and healthy and I am not mad, God used me to convince my son to change his mind to marry this lady called Tope Adebutu, now, they want to kill me by all means possible.”

Yes, they do not turn a blind eye to the needy. Rather they pay good mind to their needs. And in this respect, his generosity proclaims him. Igho Sanomi embarks on a humanitarian odyssey like a kind of poet and painter whose imagination is unclipped. He paints picturesque scenes in lives severely marred by squalor; he encrusts bleakness in shiny varnish and, as he is able, he seeks to mend small damaged lives here and there.

However, the Global Initiative for Peace, Love and Care (GIPLC) has launched a new initiative which will be taking place from 25th April to 17th May 2017. Project ‘Touch a life’ will reach 1000 patients, in 3 states, over 3 weeks.
The non-governmental, not-for-profit charity organisation, which was founded in 2006 to cater for orphans and vulnerable children in Nigeria, has launched this new project as part of Igho Charles Sanomi II’s birthday celebrations and to commemorate the GIPLC’s 11th anniversary. 1000 identified vulnerable Nigerians in Abuja, Delta and Benue States will receive financial support to subsidize and assist their medical bills. Visits will be made to patients to follow up on their progress.

A full professional team of GIPLC staff, doctors and nurses will be deployed to ensure the desired impact is met and lives are touched and saved. Igho Sanomi, Founder and Chairman of Taleveras, and past recipient of a Dr Martin Luther King Legacy Award for Philanthropy and International Service said: “Supporting the work of the GIPLC is something I have done for many years, in many ways. This year I wanted to do something which would help even more of the vulnerable people who have been at the core of the GIPLC activities. This unique initiative seeks to touch the lives of the most needy members of our communities at a time when they need it the most. This is something I believe in wholeheartedly and to which I am pleased to have been able to lend my support.”

Nuhu Kwajafa, GIPLC Co-ordinator, said: “We give God all the glory for His blessings and the capacity and the will, for people like Igho Sanomi to give back to those in need. We pray that by this gesture, ICS II will endear others to do same, so we may sustain this practice on a yearly basis. Ultimately, the goal is to stimulate the mobilisation of resources and raise awareness on the plight of those living in especially difficult circumstances. GIPLC will coordinate and share this experience daily.

Three months after their ignominious departure from Nigeria, the Matharoo sisters, Jyoti and Khiran, otherwise known as Canadian Kardashians, have resurfaced in Nigeria, literally. Smouldering hot, exotic and available, Jyoti and Khiran were the most sought after babes by deep-pocket Nigerians which gave them access to a lot of privileged information. They were thus accused of running the controversial gossip website, Naijagistlive, where the dirty secrets of billionaires were regularly published or exchanged for money. They met their waterloo when they beamed their strobe of blackmail on billionaire businessman, Femi Otedola. Not only did he go all out to clear his name, Otedola ensured the law took its course as the girls were arrested and arraigned before a Yaba magistrate court in December 2016.

Penitent and cowed, the sisters signed an undertaking promising not to engage in blackmail and cyber bullying again. Thereafter, they were allowed to quietly return to Canada. Now, the sisters are back, firing from all cylinders, but from the comfort and safety net of Canada. In an interview with CTV Toronto, the sisters said they were not responsible for the posts on the website but agreed to sign and read the undertaking in order to have their passports returned. “It was pretty much being forced, otherwise you’re going to be thrown into a maximum security prison for God knows how long. We just decided to speak because everyone thinks we’re missing or dead or worse,” Jyoti said. “I think for just dating someone in the oil and gas sector you get more opportunities to travel a bit more, you get to do things maybe you wouldn’t have done. The way the media reported it, they called us sex workers, prostitutes…I’ve never done anything like that. I’ve never blackmailed anyone, never extorted anyone. I think the stain on our reputation will never be cleared.”

Dapo Abiodun, billionaire magnate, has given the breath of life to Jimoh Ibrahim’s comatose enterprise. Like the gust of breeze that ignites dying embers and cold hearths, the Heyden Oil boss is resuscitating Ibrahim’s moribund petrol enterprise. He is doing so by buying up Jimoh’s dilapidated fuel stations; he has acquired 50 of Ibrahim ‘s fuel stations till date. While Ibrahim has been pawning off his enterprise in order to stay solvent, Dapo has been committing good money and resources to his peer’s troubled stations in order to rescue him on one hand and actualize his kerosene and Premium Methylated Spirit (PMS) commercial enterprise on the other hand.

Dapo intends to go full blast into the business hence his decision to buy up Jimoh Ibrahim’s failed fuel stations. Dapo started Heyden Petroleum Limited (HPL) as an independent Oil Trading Company (OTC) in Nigeria and in the United Kingdom on October 30, 2001. Its trading activities range from refined white products to semi-refined black products. Heyden Petroleum also explores its formidable network structure to access and expand business relationships wherever profitable and feasible while promoting and sustaining professionalism. HPL is actively involved in the trading and distribution of Automotive Gas Oil, Diesel, Fuel Oils, Bitumen, Crude and some intermediate components within and outside Nigeria.