Obasanjo: Two Independent Security Reports Indicted Tafa Balogun of Corruption

 Segun James
Twelve years after forcibly retiring Mr. Tafa Balogun as the Inspector General of Police (IG), former President Olusegun Obasanjo has disclosed that two independent security reports indicted the former police chief of massive corruption unbecoming of anyone in that position.
Obasanjo said that the first report by the State Security Service (SSS) had shown that the former IG was involved in massive looting and wanton corrupt activities.
The former president, who disclosed this at the 80th birthday dinner organised in his honour by a group, “Political Children of Obasanjo”, in Lagos over the weekend, said that he was so alarmed that he called the former police chief to the State House and warned him about the indicting reports about his activities, but not surprisingly Balogun denied it and continued in his ways.
A few months later, another report, this time by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) not only detailed the corrupt activities of the former IG but that it had continued unabated and without any form of care.
“I called him and said Tafa, why do you have to destroy your name and career even though you will forever enjoy your privilege and salary as a former IG for life?”
Details later…