Repackaged Ruzu Bitters Deepens Market


A2W Limited, sole distributors of Ruzu Herbal Bitters, has repackaged the premium herbal product in a way that is more appealing and with the ultimate target of affirming its grip of the market.

The new brand looks beautiful, premium and catchy. The rebranding process moved the product from its former 350ml size to 500ml and the former 125ml to 200ml. This comes with an almost insignificant change in price which translates to giving consumers more for less.

Group Managing Director, Mr. Adeolu Akinyemi who performed the unveiling of the rebranded product during a colourful ceremony in Lagos, noted that the rebranding was necessitated to ensure that consumers have access to a top quality brand, enjoy more volume of their favourite herbal bitters at an affordable price while leveraging on the same product to achieve better health and more wealth.

The event attended by over 700 guests was filled with high energy and excitement featuring comedy performances from Still Ringing and Oso Short. Top distributors were also rewarded with gift items ranging from microwave ovens to television, washing machine, burner gas cookers, phones and Apple laptops

Akinyemi, whose vision is to see Ruzu Herbal Bitters become Nigeria’s best gift to the world noted that “Ruzu Herbal Bitters is a 100 per cent Natural, 100 per cent Made-in-Nigeria Herbal Bitters and popularly called “Nature’s Pure Marvel. It has been in the market nationwide since 2014 and continues to grow in leaps and bounds. The Herbal Bitters is known to help with mopping up Oxidative Stress in the body, a condition that leads to cellular damage and research shows to be the underlying cause behind major ailments around the world.’

He added that the company has recorded amazing testimonies from users of her products with over 200 recorded testimonies available on You Tube with many more shared privately. “Ruzu Herbal Bitters comes in as an affordable and effective way to help Nigerians live a healthy life. Made with three major herbs, Ruzu stands tall in the herbal space in Nigeria and currently being exported to other countries including USA,” he said.

Marketing Manager, TemitopeAkinyemi added that thousands of distributors make extra income of between N10,000 – N3,000,000 monthly in commission from the company aside the income they make from retail distribution. According to her, creating a platform for entrepreneurship and giving back to the world is what the company is all about.

As part of efforts to impact positively on members, she said the company recently launched a Home Ownership Plan that enables distributors to grow through a proven system. “In doing this, they qualify for all expense paid trips, brand new cars and ultimately a house worth N30,000,000. This is the first time in the history of multi-level distribution in Nigeria that a company will be promising such largesse and also walking the talk,” she added.