When hope dies, what else lives? Ask Larry Onuegbo; he has been to the brink and back. But thanks to providence, he now has a second chance. Back in the days when there was less control over banking activities, club owners were demigods; in that era, Larry too paraded himself as a demigod of sort. However, a number of misadventures made him wiser. Yes, Larry Onuegbo is back with a bang. In a manner reminiscent of the biblical second coming, the boss of Auto Lounge, who allegedly renounced social visibility for a life in obscurity, has rediscovered his charm and passion for the limelight. Until recently, Larry was virtually non-existent on the social radar.

Larry could not be seen for some time since his closure of Auto Lounge, his spat with Dumebi Kachiku and few other controversies. At first, it appeared that Larry closed Auto Lounge in Lagos in order to create ample time to effectively manage his then newly opened branch in Abuja, which was well received by the Abuja social crowd. Less than a year after the opening, signs of crisis appeared and before one could say ‘Jack Robinson,’ the fun spot suffered the same fate as its branch in Lagos. Larry subsequently had a nasty encounter with some big shots, one of whom was Dumebi Kachikwu.

The media went agog celebrating the scandal that placed Larry in the eye of the storm.

This marked the beginning of Larry’s withdrawal into his shell. Larry we gathered, is planning a big come back with a new night club called Adress 1089 in Victoria Island. Hope he would be able to pull high quality crowd the way he used to when there was no paucity of cash