Rahama Indimi’s Happy Moment


It is no longer news that Rahama Indimi, daughter of Borno State-born oil mogul, Mohammed Indimi,  has finally left her husband,  Mohammed Babangida, son of a former military President,  Ibrahim  Gbadamosi Babangida.

The separation had been rather messy, as the public was fed with some unpleasant news about  their marital life.

However,  it seems the mother of four has finally put this ugly drama behind her as she has since moved on.

Spy glass gathered that she did not betray any modicum of frustration or emotional disturbance when she celebrated her 40th birthday with close friends and family members recently.

She was said to have been flashing a winsome smile from one seat to the other and exchanging banters with some of the guests at the occasion.

At the outset of the crisis in the 12-year-old marriage between Rahama and Mohammed,    a development that made her move  out of the Babangidas’ palatial Hill Top mansion in Minna, Niger State then,  only the couple’s families and close friends knew about it.

Sadly, it was later made public by Rahama herself when she took to the social media and announced the crash of her marriage last year.

There were accusations and counter- accusations leading to a legal battle.  Eventually,  a court  granted Mohammed Babangida the custody of the children.  But efforts by court officials, accompanied by the policemen to execute the court order, were allegedly met with resistance from  Rahama and her sister.

She also allegedly used the social media to wage war against her ex-husband,  accusing him of wanting to use his influence as a son of a former military president to unjustly maltreat her.