Ex Lawmaker Develops ‘The Ranger’ Search Engine Apps to Assist Stranded Strangers, Tourists


Adedayo Akinwale in Abuja 

A former member of Rivers State House of Assembly, Hon. Linda Somiari Stewart has developed a human search engine that can help strangers and tourists who are stranded in any city to navigate their routes with ease‎.

The app, which she described as unique was designed for everyone and can be used during emergency and can alert the Police in time of distress.


Stewart disclosed this  in Abuja at the public presentation of the app named ‘The Ranger’, where she explained that unlike other search engines, the app would  help users get  answers to any questions from human beings (Rangers) in real time.

The Ranger, she stressed, has a  feature which enables users to send out SOS to city Volunteer Co-coordinators if in danger noting that the app is readily available on Google play store and Mobile 9.

Stewart added that what makes it different from other search engines that rely on information fed into them is that human beings would provide answers typed through the Rangers.

‎While disclosing her motivation to come up with the innovation, Stewart who is also the Chairperson of Second Opportunity Africa Foundation said; ” I tried to get information concerning the location of a business outfit and got an address from internet search engines. I got there and found out the business had moved out of the address.

“It took me a few more days to get the new address. If the Ranger was available, I would have simply logged into the particular city and asked for human being (Ranger) would have given me the correct location,” she added .

Continuing, she noted that, “with The Ranger app, you never walk alone. New in a City? There are Rangers ready to help you out with information on any subject. Other Rangers have your back, can alert Police in case of emergency if you press the help button.”