US President Donald Trump to Speak with Buhari Monday


President of the United States of America Donald Trump will speak with President Muhammadu Buhari Monday afternoon.

Geoffrey York, who is the Africa correspondent for The Globe, disclosed this via his twitter page.

He said Donald Trump will be speaking to Buhari in respect of celebration of Africa day.

On his twitter page @Geoffreyyork, he wrote: “Today is ‘Africa day’ for Donald Trump. He speaks by phone to Nigerian president Buhari at 3:45 pm (Lagos time); then speaks to Jacob Zuma.

“Trump is scheduled to speak by phone to Zuma today at 5:10 pm, after speaking to Buhari first.

“Buhari’s phone call with Trump today will be fascinating; many Nigerians frustrated that Buhari has been gone from Nigeria for over 3 weeks.

“Nigerians, having heard almost nothing from Buhari for 24 days, are wondering how Donald Trump will even locate him for the phone call today.”