ABTA Launches Fam Trips to Lagos, Addis


The African Business Travel Association (ABTA) has announced its new Familiaristion trip initiative. Known as the Corporate Travel thought leaders within the African continent, ABTA’s new initiative aims to assist travel professionals to elevate their level of expertise by gaining authentic ‘on the ground’ knowledge of the destinations that they are sending travellers to.

Jeanette Moloto, ABTA’s Regional Manager: Africa, said “We are really excited to be creating this platform where we are able to inform and connect travel buyers within the African Continent, thereby giving them a higher level of travel management expertise.”

The first two fam trips are for Travel Buyers only and will take place to Lagos, Nigeria from 8-12 March and Addis Ababa, Ethiopia from 22-26 March.

Fam Trips will see South African travel buyers exploring the city, experiencing new travel products and services, meeting potential new travel partners and networking with local industry professionals at ABTA’s Lagos Forum during the trip, whilst also gaining a keener understandng of the regions’ corporate travel trends, challenges and opportunities.

ABTA’s decision to kick off this initiative in Lagos comes as no surprise given Nigeria’s economic growth and the focus on this region by many South African organisations who currently operate in Nigeria or plan to be doing so soon. Local travel brands in Lagos and Addis Ababa have also extended fantastic support and Fam Trip delegates will be hosted by hotels including The Wheatbaker, Bon Hotels Ikeja and the new Marriott Renaissance property. Ethiopian Airlines will be the carrier of choice for the duration of the fam trips. Additional fam trips are being planned for Travel Management Companies (TMC’s) later in 2017.