IBB Returns from Medical Vacation

Former military President, General Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida

Former military President, General Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida (rtd), has returned to Nigeria after a seven-week medical vacation in the Switzerland.

He arrived at the Minna International Airport last  Saturday evening at 6.45 p.m.

Alighting from the aircraft, Babangida expressed gratitude for prayers and goodwill messages from different quarters during his vacation.

He said: “I am feeling stronger and better now. I must thank Nigerians immensely for the prayers and concerns over my health. I must use this opportunity to also call on Nigerians to continue to pray for the leaders and the country to move forward in positive direction.

“We should remain united and work collectively towards the progress of our nation by thinking positively about the leaders and providing constructive criticisms and solutions to any challenge we may face.”

On the situation in the country, he said the current economic recession is not peculiar to Nigeria. “I am aware that other countries face different political, social and economic challenges. I believe the current government is working assiduously towards addressing some of the issues.

“We need to support all arms and tiers of government in their efforts to ensure economic recovery and political stability,” the former leader concluded.

Babangida left the country for medical vacation in Europe on December 18, 2016.

  • remm ieet

    This guy should be probed now. Period

  • Orlando

    We have never had leaders in Nigeria and we still don’t have one. What we have and had have are selfish people in power. Can you just imagine what we are reading? These are people that had the opportunity to transform this country but failed woefully. Have you ever heard that the Indian Prime Minister, Chinese President etc travelled abroad for medical reasons. I don’t want to mention British Prime Minister or American President because, of course, that is unheard of.

    We even budgeted billions for the clinic in the presidential villa. Where is our president today? He is in London on medical grounds. What a nation. Shameless nation. Shame to Babangida and to all our past and present leaders who go abroad on medical ground. A leader is supposed to show example. Tufiakwa!!!

  • vincentumenyiora

    HOW I WISH YOUR READERS CAN COMPREHEND WHAT THIS COMMENT is about and that it’ll HELP prompt (prod) their thinking faculties in Nigeria abit==ut rationality and remorseful certitudes!

    O Yeah returned to Nigeria after seven weeks of medical vacation in Switzerland Hospital – you wonder who could be paying for all this including the one uncured now by the President! And look on top of it all, IBB says/ urges Nigerians to keep praying for their leaders to keep well unashamedly in spite of the failings by them to see the need for such medical facilities to be provided in Nigeria for their so-called subjects be enabled to have such treatments now and again – readily in Nigeria! I mean you can measure the naivety about Nigerian people and their leaders, folks!

    Last month there was the argument about who paid for the treatment given to Mallam Abba Kayai in the United Kingdom – whether it was the State that paid or personally! I recall Gov. Rotimi Amaechi ‘boast’ of Specialist Hospital he was building for River State whilst he was the CEO of the State – YOU WONDER WHERE ARE THE SPECIALIST HOSPITALS COULDN’T ONE, BY NOW, BE IN POSITION TO OFFER THESE LEADERS MEDICAL TREATMENTS THEY NEED, SO AS TO SAVE NIGERIA THE ‘FOREX’ involved in the settlement of the Bills?

    Yes the President is OK and is doing fine says his Vice Prof. Yemi Osinbajo the problem will come if you have a ‘relapse’ how do you or what do you do if you canoe to that hence there is need for them to think out how to create such specialist hospitals in Nigeria! I heard last week Mr. Arthur Eze promised he’ll establish a Specialist hospital in Enugu University hospital and you wonder we were told it was a specialist hospital already far back as 1980s why Arthur Eze is talking about creating one rather than aim at improving the facilities in the complex! The problem of Nigeria I said is left for this long that it has become multi-faceted that it is only the leaders can travel out from Nigeria and go and be attended to medically – seven weeks for IBB and who know how long for President Buhari and you are discussing Budgets being ‘padded’ for constituency projects all devoid of anything near medical facilities for the people! We shall see how many hospitals that will be up-graded when the President returns vis-a-vis the furo’re about his medical experience! This event will surely tell observers (serious in Nigeria the effect of) what is happening in Nigeria and how their leaders rate them in spite of (particularly) the silly and the ‘unwitting’ defections and carpet crossing mendacity in your politics, folks!

    Behold IBB has urged that he wants Nigerian to be praying to God so that they – the leaders can be in position to go and get the kind of medical attentions they require as and when from time to time the need arises – paints that my observation “Nigeria in a QUANDARY really afflicting the PhD holders” – of all the quantum of local and foreign currencies by this country nobody, including their leaders, thinks about establishing Specialist Hospital for the people! Yes Alhaji Aliko Dangote we heard has established Cement factories even outside Nigeria for African employees and has even gone far about to build refineries – the best in the World, according to the he reports we have, yet no hospital of repute in Nigeria to treat his ailments if he falls victim or becomes afflicted – begin to manifest!

    And Governor Goodswill Akpabio went and built a Multi-purpose Stadium in Uyo never seen its kind in Africa and is standing empty serving no purpose as a matter of fact. No doubt that the Governor performed creditably in other aspects I am thinking about the priority of commitment about Nigerians – what they need and not what they want – the Chines will tell you is the basis for their economic and political policies reason why countries including Europeans, now look up to them for help!!

    Yes my critics in Nigeria would be quick to interpose/ interject; What has he (Vincent) done for Nigeria? I am saying why not log onto; http://www.virgo-enterprised.com and see what my contributions are, and that they have all incidentally helped Nigeria in no small ways – all precede the government policy declarations including your ‘Option A-4’, the (TSA) and what “Women can do about corruption in Nigeria!” pronounced by the First Lady just to mention these few otherwise click on the bottom book on the website and tell me what you think – it is challenge!!

  • Daniel Obior

    Shameless leaders who had all the opportunities to transform the country in all aspects of life. Here they are proud to go abroad for medical treatments when they should have provided top class facilities in their country, for the benefit of themselves and the rest of the citizens. The face of shame!