Forum to Address Africa’s Challenges through IoTs


Emma Okonji

The Internet of Things (IoT) Forum Africa has concluded arrangement to hold the IoT Forum Africa 2017 in Johannesburg, South Africa, from March 29-30, 2017.

The IoT forum has the potential to solve many of the issues the African continent is currently facing. Already many African countries have embarked on the IoT journey. For instance, healthcare providers in Ethiopia are monitoring the health status of outpatients to better adjust treatment.

Intelligent traffic lights in Nairobi are helping ease traffic congestion. Utility providers in South Africa are using load-limiting smart meters that can warn residents ahead of imminent controlled outages. In Nigeria, IoT facilities are being used to build smart cities.

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), satellite imagery, DNA analysis and apps are being used as part of conservation efforts – by predicting poaching attempts and monitoring wildlife.

The IoT is the next big wave in technology, with major repercussions for Africans. By connecting everyday devices to the internet the IoT opens up a host of new opportunities and challenges for companies, governments and consumers.

Some of the speakers, who will be presenting papers at the forum, are optimistic that the IoT forum would address the African challenges.

President, Information Technology Association of South Africa, Sunil Geness, who is one of the speakers, said the IoT potential is limitless and would address African challenges.
Another speaker, who is the CIO Aon South Africa, Chandima Miyanadeniya, said “As technology advances and encroaches upon most people’s day-to-day lives in some shape or form, people can expect more IoT enabled solutions that address the unique issues facing Africa.”

According to him, IoT Forum Africa 2017 would bring together senior IT executives, service providers, developers and CxOs from diverse fields, with representation from healthcare, manufacturing, energy, utilities, rail, transport and retail, among others.

According to the organisers, keynotes and interactive sessions will focus on carefully selected topics such as: The IoT Revolution: From “Things” to business outcomes; Deploying an IoT solution. A strategic overview for decision makers; Creating a sustainable framework for IoT Integration; Creating value from connecting “things” and assessing the commercial feasibility and monetization of IoT, among others.