LG: Trendsetting in a Technological Driven World


The world today is being driven by highly intuitive technological deigns to help consumers perform optimally. In Nigeria as well as other leading world countries, consumers are now demanding for products that are capable of delivering on varied levels- beyond the basics.

With newer technological designs springing-up consumers now make purchase based on a variety of criteria looking beyond just usability alone. Consumers are now looking for striking designs that are practical and visually appealing to communicate their status.

It is a known fact, that the world is full of cool and innovative products. The battle to differentiate them and gain advantage in the market should be remembered as coming not only from the design features, but also the manufacturing processes that make them possible, differentiated and affordable. Most of the products from LG Electronics are designed with glass coating over black stainless steel; this has clearly given the brand an edge over competition in terms of its creative design layout.

Far more than simply sculpting a device’s exterior appearance, designers apply expertise from multiple disciplines; choosing the right materials, offering ergonomic insight, boosting efficiency and creating the ideal user experience. In addition to weighing a number of important priorities at every stage of the manufacturing process, designers must also anticipate the future use patterns that consumers will adopt. For consumers’ who are passionate about exceptional designs, there is no need to look any further as very LG appliances are crafted from the highest quality, premium materials and meticulously designed to incorporate thoughtful, innovative features your home.

LG Electronics in its quest to satisfy the yearnings and aspiration of consumers has embraced design as a way to distinguish its products from competing brands. It strives to give all of its products a premium look with a class of its own, clearly setting the pace in the electronics market for other brands to follow. Designed with elegant LG line-up products which includes; 4K HDR enabled OLED TV; Twin Wash; Door-in-Door refrigerator; Hybrid Air Purifier; Turbo Steam dish washer etc. are all carefully crafted to meet the needs of consumers all the time. It did not come to many observers as a surprise when LG grabbed the 2016 CES “Best of Innovation” award with its OLED TV that boasts of the ultimate in elegant simplicity by eliminating all unnecessary elements that distracts viewer’s immersive experience.

Head of Corporate Marketing, LG Electronics West Africa operations, Mr. Rajesh Agnihotri said: “LG has built a reputation for excellence, with leading premium products from a variety of different business units. The recently released LG SIGNATURE collection exemplifies LG’s commitment to creating stylish, sophisticated products that seamlessly blend into any setting while performing at the highest levels.”