A Celebration of Excellence


Mary Ekah
The Eternal Sacred Order of the Cherubim and Seraphim (Oke Iye) recently brought together members and none members to celebrate individuals who have excelled in their fields of endeavours and also organisations that have contributed to humanity and the larger society at an event tagged, “Iye Ball Gala and Awards Night”. The Elder-In-Charge, Oke-Iye House, Senior Apostle Daniel Ekorhi, said the concept for Iye Ball was borne out of the wit to celebrate life. He explained that the name “Iye Ball” is coined from the name “Oke Iye”, adding, “Iye meaning salvation which is life eternal.

Therefore we are celebrating life, a life that is rich which can only be found in Christ.” Ekorhi said further that the Iye Ball and Award Night are very important to the church because as a white garment church, people usually see them like different from others or weird and all that. “And because for a long time now, people have had a wrong impression about the white garment church, we want to tell them that we at the Eternal Sacred Order of the Cherubim and Seraphim (Oke Eye) are all serving the Almighty God,” he said.

He said however that it has been so challenging putting together an event of that nature because it has not been easy trying to convince outsiders to come, adding, “like I said earlier, people have spoiled the image of the white garment churches and so it hasn’t been so easy trying to launder our image but with event like this people are now seeing us in a different light.”

Speaking also was a prominent member of the church, Ephraim Faloughi (ONN) who said, “We want to rebrand the face of the white garment church because there have been a lot of misconception about us. We just want to let everyone know that all roads lead to God from different angles. We want to propagate the gospel and also to incite the present generation who are not members to know that at the white garment church we pray and that we have no other means except prayers.”

Speaking further Faloughi said, “I have been member of a white garment church since my childhood days, precisely from when I was 13 years old. Whatever I am today or tomorrow, it is Cherubim and Seraphim and God that made me. I believe I am successful in business, I am a public figure, a national honouraree of this country (ONN) and I have contributed

immensely to the growth of this nation and to be in Cherubim and Seraphim, for me, it’s my salvation and so you don’t condemn any church because all roads lead to that tiny road that leads to Christ so whether you are worshiping God in a white garment church or in suits or so on, does not make any difference, it is what you do that matters.” He said there was a process of selection for those awarded at the event where their contributions to the society are mostly considered.

He added that these awardees were not necessarily from the church even though about 80 per cent of them that were awarded this time were members, adding however that they would expand the awards more to non-members and also outside Lagos in the next edition. “This is the second edition, it is an improvement to the first one and we hope consequent editions will be more impressive.”