Akpede Needs Immediate Help for Breast Cancer Treatment


Martins Ifijeh

Emilia Akpede, a 45-year-old mother of four is in dire need of financial and medical assistance for the treatment of breast cancer, which is fast threatening her life.

She said while she has made several efforts to treat the health concern for the past three years, financial constraint and lack of prompt diagnosis were the reasons the cancer has developed to a stage in which parts of her breast now fall off at will with accompanying intense pain too difficult to bear.

Akpede, who is currently in a faith-based home for prayers as she is unable to afford treatment for the cancer, said when she noticed a lump around her breast three years ago, she went to the the Federal Medical Centre, Ebutte Metta, but couldn’t get the needed attention as they were on strike, and was therefore advised to check back after when doctors resumed.

Since she couldn’t afford diagnosis at a private health facility, she waited till the strike was called off five months after, and by then, the breast had changed shape, texture and colour. “By the time they attended to me, I was told I had to cut off the breast because that was the only guarantee that I would be free. But I was asked to bring N100,000 at the time, which I couldn’t afford,” she said.

She therefore resorted to taking pain killers and antibiotics until sores and pus became prominent features of the breast. “Now parts of my breast falls off at will and I am going through intense pain. Since then I haven’t even gone to the hospital because I do not have a dine with me for treatment, but I don’t want to die. Please don’t let me die,” she said tearfully.

Akpede is currently in a church in Agbara, Lagos, with the hope that since she is unable to afford treatment, prayers and anointing oil will heal her.

For medical or financial support, please call her on 081812595162 or 8027006224. Her account details are; Account Number: 0014088008, Account Name: Emmanuel Akpede, Bank Name: GTB