Team Peak 456 Emerges Champions of 2016 FCWAMCO Games


Team Peak 456 at the weekend emerged champions of the 11th edition of FrieslandCampina WAMCO’s annual sports tournament with a lone goal victory over Team Three Crowns at the Agege Stadium in Lagos.

According to the Managing Director and Grand Patron of FCWAMCO Games 2016, Mr. Rahul Colaco, it was pleasing to witness the grand finale of a competition which involved intense work and dedication by cross-functional stakeholders.

In his words, “My dream as you know, is for us to emerge champions at the next FMCG Games, having put in so much effort.”

Earlier on, Team Peak Milk won the third place match in a 4-2 penalty decider against Team Peak Choco, after an initial draw of 1-1 at full time.

Formerly known as “MD’s Cup” the tournament was renamed ‘FCWAMCO Games’ having evolved from being just a football competition to a bouquet of sports and indoor games, which include table tennis, chess, scrabble and virtual soccer.

Colaco further explained, “FCWAMCO Games is in line with the objectives of encouraging employees to take ownership of the corporate values of FrieslandCampina WAMCO through the tournament. Team spirit and hard work are the core drivers of this initiative, and the results have clearly shown that together, we can achieve more.”

A novelty match was played in Colaco’s honour and it featured both male and female staff of FrieslandCampina WAMCO as Team WAMCO vs. Team LOC.