Namsa Leuba showcases Ethnomodern


Ethnomodern, a solo exhibition by Swiss-Guinean artist, Namsa Leuba has opened at Art Twenty One in Lagos. The exhibition opened to wonderful reviews and drew a unique audience. Nigeria’s creatives from fashion, art, photography and the like mixed with art buyers, curators and collectors, welcoming Namsa Leuba’s work to our city.

Namsa is regarded as a rising star in the world of art and, like many, draws inspiration from her multi-cultured history. Ethnomdodern is a showing of all of Namsa’s work to date including NGL (Next Generation Lagos) which features Nigerian fashion designers I.AM.ISIGO, Tzar Studios, Tokyo James and Re Bahia among others explores the innovation and creativity of Nigeria’s youth culture. Ya Kala Ben, explores ritual artifacts and statuettes common to Guinean ceremonies. The Kingdom of Mountains, Khoisan and Zulu Kids series, all three created in South Africa in 2014, explore the mixing and hybridization of cultures. Cocktail, a foray in fashion photography, created for WAD Magazine, comments on the mythological culture of Africa.

The African Queens, which was created for New York Magazine, explores the representation of the African queen as a hero, prophet and warrior and Tonkoma, created for Bono of U2’s fashion label Edun, and King, produced for Christian Lacroix, are both further foray into the world of fashion which combine masks, jewelry, fabrics and statues inspired by notions of power, strength and nobility.

Ethnomodern at Art Twenty One Lagos, which is located at Eko Hotel, will be open until January 10th, 2017.