Trump’s Election and the Morning After



Ultimately, the election of Mr. Donald Trump as President Barack Obama’s successor is America’s loss, writes Goke Omisore 
My pen is frozen stiff. I am dried out, dazed and my faculty’s conniving insolence and reluctance pales significantly into Trumpism fever. My urge to watch TV, especially news channels dampened into frightening expectations. The world would never be the same again. The uncensored true colour of America and Americans revealed in a subtle but huge bang that resonated world-wide in this last election results has cracked the tectonic template of the earth constitutions as populated.
Humanity may truly never recover from the effects of DT-Disease. America, built on slavery, nurtured on racism, triumphed on liberty, equality and freedom to assuage her dirty past now wanes significantly on her promisory notes to the world in screaming headlines in the late sixties up to early seventies “Discover A New World, America, God’s Own Country.
An unprecedented wave of immigrants and emigrants responded to the hope of liberty, freedom and greener pastures. America, how dare you reverse thyself? America, are you back to square one? This time is pregnant with uncertainties. I hate to think I am winning when I am losing in a game of survival.
America, God’s own country – white man’s paradise on planet earth. The whole world stood in almost unprecedented solidarity, reminiscence of Barack Hussein Obama’s historical feat on the vacancy of the most exalted position in the world – America’s presidency, less than a decade ago.
Yesterday, we all stood and spoke up, mocking their anointed Prince Donald J. Trump in unison. We were  all wishing, dreaming and reasoning in a latent coloured emotions, defying fate-hidden arbitration, dream speed, negating one sacred fact: America is a nation of approximately three hundred and twenty million citizens – a pot-pouri of all races, colours and gender: gay, straight, saintly and crooks, mostly stupid, daft and some of the most ingenious of the human species – a vast assemblage of humanity’s brightest; an unquantifiable assets from their harvests and explorations and exploitation on global Brain-drain worldwide they christened Global village.
I am suspect of their best of intentions and virtues   on such missions, but, the truth be told, they kept the world alive with their unparalleled monopoly on best of inventions and robust economy for decades. America is the capital of the Global village. But undeniably, one of her salient flaws is the crux of the matter in this presidential election – a very deep wound that might take generations to heal.
However, I will not rule out the possibility of this great nation that morally self-imploded, abilities to re-invent herself – that’s the ingenious of the American spirit. That is, the fact that America is the land of liberty  and freedom but prized-tagged-equality reigns unspoken is at the same time, a nation of approximately two-hundred-and-eighty million citizens, who are Whites, plus 40 million  colours of various hues but whose franchise is dilutable  in democracy, when the chips are down.
Democracy is a game of numbers, permutations and calculations and miscalculation. In fact, indoctrination is often most relevant as in this particular presidential election: Orò tì Ològbòn ba sò, ènù asière l’ati ngbo. The whispering of legion wise men is often best articulated by the maddening crowd of dank or dark minds of white men’s immorality. Those who chose to fiddle with that piper, Donald J. Trump were very busy firming up and insanely attuned to the lethargy of his dirge, on his dictations and dancing to his tunes of profanity and obscenity.
Though very recklessly nasty, American-dream-wealthy and daring as his own man, Donald J Trump is a man on a mission. “Donald Drunk’s” ambition and strength of character was perfectly tailored, securely woven to the dream of his ilk in legions. Their time has come. Democracy has prevailed; democracy has spoken firmly in spite of our wishes even though tomorrow is pregnant on this election.
We haven’t heard the last word on it yet but the system abhors a vacuum. The unspoken bitter truth is that our own preferred candidate in Hilary Clinton though hardly trusted by a good numbers of her nationals, though one of their own smartest and brightest smacks of and reeks of a social suicidal note. Renegade they chorus in their still silence! Seen and perceived through the misty lens of mistrust or an arrogance too ambitious, too adventurous a woman that is over qualified for their mission’s conflict of  comfort and trust but distasteful to their secret vows of supremacist, unabashed, shameless intentions and mission.
They pretentiously clothed one of their fifth-elevens to do their dirty fight on a revenge mission, indicting Washington’s Lord of status quo and all politicians. In Donald J. Trump, they located credible succour. A hunk of masculinity, a profusely, almost unstable, somewhat mentally corroded fellow – poisoned to the hilt – a great material  was found in a fellow they wanted and found most appropriately very  well suited for the job is Donald J. Trump.
As they were beating the unspoken drum of hatred and orchestrating bigotry, he stood on their ground. He was craftly consumed in playing the maestros script of racial-divides on their cards. Who needs teleprompter, when you can literally broke all rules, pull all stops to feed a hungry hate-filled appetite of a roaring, applauding audience that can’t seem to have enough of this mega-star in their idol folk hero of the season.
Knowing full well he has the number of a huge disenfranchisement of white voters from the disenfranchised behind his narcissistic, egotistic, misogyny and racist adventures to top his own lone-ranger fraudulent carrier above national interest. Hilary in this wise is on a parallel lane of morality and just not White enough on this occasion, on this premeditated missions. 
Because of her proximity and associations with progressive coloured victories of late in American snaps of history, her struggles in the emancipation of the American blacks, a creditable position was turned into a liability against her. Interloping in white men’s hegemony didn’t score high enough. No king worth his throne gladly gives his Princess charming’s flirtatious hand in marriage to the lesser gods in their supremacist thinking, they reasoned.
I had cautioned in my earlier article: “America’s Donald Drunk”. I posited the white Americans are unforgiving yet; that they are still poisoned – hurting and wound-gathering on Obama’s victories and marked achievements in the pantheon of great leaderships. Posterity will reward him kindly. Hilary Clinton didn’t lose the race. WE did. The black race in the world lost but particularly America’s blacks had just been snookered into the blind abyss of second class league position and status majorities of such. Whites preferred them to roast and sweat in hell; unapologetically.
That is where the white men’s latent racist tendencies feel most comfortable in their experiments, adventures, aggressions, internal and external missions in situating the blacks’ social strata. Effrontery! They groan and moan at the dawn of reality that befell them in almost all of the last decade, feigning a trance because Barack Hussein Obama raised his race’s bar on black hope, against a potent salient war of racism. They are unforgiving. Believe me, they will roll back and make all attempts to rewrite history and possibly turn back the hands of time. Time will tell.
Now, the white supremacists are on full alert, awaken with their full eye wide opened. They won’t blink again. That’s the lesson of 2016 presidential election. Barak Hussein Obama, quite a gladiator, a dogged fighter in very ample short supply amongst of our race, a disciplined man of immense intellectual arsenal and prowess that was well fortified. He took the white nation by storm on a victory they unconsciously, subliminally cheerfully participated in.
He was in a sense, a Saint that sailed in through the mid-night of hope undetected. He appeared least harmful to white supremacist et all. In fact, his victory was that of his nation’s atonement – a sort of reparation of a kind gesture to assuage a systematically damaged mind of a belaboured, enslaved race for centuries – a half-caste black man of African descent on a mission, to up the ante of his black race, an audacious disciple of Change and Hope.
The one man that represented all men in nuances and ounces of race, religion, ingenuity and such incredible rare combinations, that all virtuous men hold dear and treasured. All men’s dream first son! He, in fact, topped himself by unstained and steadied character plus a rare degree of integrity. His  better half, Mitchell Obama equally measured up by miles with a grim smiles with deep kind heart, cushioned by an ivy-league credentials, steadied on Caesar’s wife virtuosity and she is not from any White-stock which should have been preferred in a Whiteman’s world.
A very rare couple – a deadly fairy tale combination of panache and simmering elegance, and the poise of the best of a lady in good hands of the best of gentlemen – that was just a pill too bitter for the lily-livered small minds to swallow. Common fellows! It just won’t digest in a hurry unless watered down and water down they just did by electing Donald J Trump on their revenge mission to cleanse and return the “Black House” to White House? I pray you catch my drift. I am afraid. Obama’s legacy on the lane of black emancipation of the black race can’t be sustained neither maintained. My apprehensions, I am pained – the white supremacist’s advantage in regrets, heightened by his brilliant performances, almost turning the Whites into spectators at their own patented games of a superior race.
It was quite offensive to their faculties and the sensitivity of most white supremacists, conservatives, and even liberals. They mourned in regrets! They must have been very busy cooking critical thinking on what befell them. They were caught napping in the preparatory years to Obama’s victory. You didn’t think they were that generous? While we too, I mean all of us  too, took liberty given by fate on loan for granted, despite the prize paid for our liberty and freedom, we all  were equally busy snoring in the luxury of fate’s interventions on our gains  and crowning glory that made Barack Hussein Obama’s  victory possible – The first American president of black extraction.
Now, but in a resounding no votes, they have loudly and clearly stated: no to his third term agenda nor insurance premium on his legacies, whichever way it was packaged through the back door or front door.
Obama’s gain; Hilary’s profound loss! Are you thinking what I am thinking? Hilary’s hilarious performance, sustained in thirty-years of unmatched national achievements in her patriotic services to a grateful nation Stands contaminated by her association and devotion to children’s courses, the less privileged, particularly people of colour, the hand writing is now clearer on the wall in brailed in Trumps victory even the blinds can decode it!
Altruistic missions she sweated and fought several wars on but they damned her credentials. Lady achiever, you ain’t winning and guess what? They are firmly in charge of the control of the currency of political purchases in a constitutional contract of one man, one vote because they are in millions, mostly in the closet. What are we gonna do next? That’s the pertinent billion dollar question? They have spoken; they backed their own preferred white candidate despite his flaws, somebody pinched me!
Indeed, there are two kinds of truth: the truth as heard (biased mind) or the truth as told (logical or illogical). The truth is a constant long distance runner – sooner or later – catches up with lies on regret’s fraudulent lanes. But they chose the irrepressible, irritable, temperamental Donald J. Trump. The worst of two evils, they argued and concluded, but the truth is: he filled and lived up to their billings snuggishly; unapologetically! Americans, congratulations! The shining spangle banners on the hill, here stands partially eclipsed for now. The world is waiting.
The diabolical implacable supremacist   dogmatism of the evangelicals stood their forte firmly. That a woman may not be crowned or elected president runs in sacreligious conflict against the grains of their religious indoctrinations in their faith. Hilary’s fate was sealed. What a vain glorious hypocrisy. America, Give me a break! I repeat for the umpteenth time, the world behind us is far much saner than the mega-conflict-religious and political riddled – war of attrition ahead of us in these days of SIS and Kim Jong Un. I humbly submit.
-Omisore wrote from Lagos