Nigerian Youth Takes The Lead in Peace Building For The Community


– Nigeria takes one step forward to the real peace

▲Participants of the Second Discussion on the Action Plan of the HWPL Peace Advocacy Committee

On October 27th, ‘Discussion on the Action Plan of the HWPL Peace Advocacy Committee’ hosted by IWPG(International Women Peace Group) and IPYG(International Peace Youth Group) was held at Kano Hospital Digital Conference Hall in Kano, Nigeria. About 20 representative members in the ‘Patriotic Youth Organization of Nigeria’ (PYON) and around 30 audiences attended this seminar and devised practical plans for supporting the DPCW (Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War) and advocating the ‘Implementation of the International Law’ for peace. The PYON is a cooperating group with HWPL for peace activities in Nigeria, whose membership has reached 20,000. It has diverse field’s members like professors, lawyers, and journalists and has tried to make their community better place to live for Nigerians.

Following the video on the advocacy movement of the DPCW by the global community through the global peace summit held in Republic of Korea, named the World Alliance of Religions’ Peace (WARP) Summit, the opening address of the PYON chairman, AbdulAziz Seymour Omololu was delivered. In his speech, he highlighted the importance of the role of civil society to raise public awareness and collective action for peace-building projects. He said “I’d like to introduce the 2nd Annual Commemoration of the WARP Summit and explain the Strategy Road map of the DPCW, and its action plan. And we will discuss how we drive the national support for it. We will decide how we collaborate and precede signature campaigns as a way of support.”

After watching the video, Mr. Adam Sa’id, the vice president of PYON, said “I was very excited by the fact that the reaction of the audience showed that they really understood what the DPCW is all about and their readiness in giving their contribution of developing and making it a legally binding document. I also felt extremely happy when I understood that the audience was really impressed with the letter from the chairman of HWPL Man Hee Lee.”

The DPCW has been drafted with the intent of promoting the respect of fundamental human rights and an international law, and of further involving States in the active protection of those rights.

As a part of action plan, currently, ‘Discussion on the Action Plan of the HWPL Peace Advocacy Committee’ is the first step in realization of peace in Nigeria. In this regard, ‘HWPL Peace Advocacy Committee’ in Kano state also holds monthly discussion to examine the results of their urging activities and to attain 20,000 signatures for supporting the DPCW. Nigeria takes one step forward to the real peace and is ready to propel drawing Nigerians attention on it with this discussion.

An international peace organization, HWPL is making various peace cultures such as designating peace academies, establishing peace monuments and hosting WARP offices worldwide. As a result of these unprecedented actions for peace, the globe’s eye is caught by HWPL’s next journey and project. More information regarding the DPCW and HWPL is provided in the website.